Working Out of Classification Guidelines

Classified and Unclassified Positions

A non-bargaining unit classified or unclassified staff employee who is temporarily assigned to duties of a position with a higher pay range than the employee's assigned pay range is eligible for a temporary pay adjustment, which increases the employee's regular base rate of pay to the greater of:

  1. the classification salary base rate of pay of the higher level position, or
  2. five percent above the employee's regular base rate of pay.

This temporary pay adjustment shall be for a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of one hundred eighty days, except when an extension is approved by the Human Resources.

Authorization Process for Classified and Unclassified Employees

A Working Out of Classification Authorization form must be submitted prior to the start of the pay period that includes the time worked out of classification. (Electronic copies of the form are available for completion and printing on the HR website.) The Working Out of Classification Authorization form must be completed by the supervisor, approved by the department director, and forwarded to Compensation area of Human Resources for final authorization. The Compensation staff checks the form to ensure that the duties required of the employee are assigned to the appropriate classification and rate of pay. Then the Working Out of Classification Authorization form is forwarded to the appropriate HR Operations Analyst for input into Banner.

Supervisors and managers may consider time worked out of classification granted unless the Compensation area of Human Resources notifies them otherwise.

New Time Sheet for Hourly Employees

When the HR Operations Analysts enter the job into Banner for an hourly employee, it causes an additional electronic time sheet to appear in Web Time Entry so that the time worked out of classification can be entered by the employee and approved by the department.

Work Out of Class Form for Unclassified and Non-Barganing Unit Classified Positions (PDF)

Please note: Time worked out of classification is compensation and is therefore not eligible for compensatory time accrual for classified employees.

Updated: September 2010

Bargaining Unit Positions

Bargaining unit employees are considered to be working ‘out-of-class’ when they are assigned by the University to perform the duties of a job specification that pays a higher job rate than the employee’s current job. A bargaining unit employee that is deemed by the University to be working ‘out-of-class’ for a period of more than two (2) hours shall be paid an additional five percent (5.0%) of his/her hourly job rate, or the job rate of the higher classification, whichever is greater.

A bargaining unit employee is not considered to be working ‘out-of-class’ if he/she meets any one of the criteria below:
• The ‘out-of-class’ duties were not assigned by the University and the employee voluntarily requested the work or assumed the duties.
• The employee is performing the prescribed duties while on a training assignment, in an apprenticeship or other training classification, or is performing duties different from regular duties due to an injury, an illness, or participation in transitional duty.

If an employee is temporarily assigned to a lower job classification, the employee shall continue to receive the employee's regular rate of pay during such assignment, except that this provision does not cover an employee who is demoted by the University.

Work Out of Class Form for Barganing Unit Positions (PDF)