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Separate, Terminate, Verify Student Employment

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Automatic Terminations

All student employees are automatically terminated at the end of every Spring Semester.

Other conditions may result in automatic termination, such as but not limited to: violations of limits on maximum work hours per week (in all jobs combined); registration falling below the required student employment minimum credit hours; entering into an active Graduate Assistant contract while employed in an active student employment job.

Student Graduation, Resignation, Other Separation + Instructions 

If a student employee graduates, resigns, reaches a preset end date for the position, the department chooses to end the position, or other amicable reasons for separation:

  1. Time card approver or their designee: complete a Student Employment Termination form (PDF)
  2. Send the completed Student Employment Termination form to

In the event of student resignation, the student should notify the supervisor preferably no later than two weeks prior to the last date of work.  

An exit interview between the employee and the supervisor may prove helpful to both parties. 

Unsatisfactory Job Performance Termination + Instructions

Supervisors are encouraged to provide frequent opportunities for meaningful feedback about the student employee's performance, with ample opportunity for the student to correct any performance that falls below department standards.

Under some circumstances, a supervisor may decide to terminate a student for unsatisfactory job performance. Examples include but are not limited to: the student fails to report for scheduled hours; the student violates employment policies, the student violates departmental policies.

In the case of a flagrant violation of university rules, such as but not limited to dishonesty, insubordination, rude, or discourteous treatment of the public, the student may be terminated immediately.

In all cases of termination for unsatisfactory job performance, immediately take the following actions to send notice of the termination to Career Services:

  1. Time card approver or their designee: complete a Student Employment Termination form (PDF)
  2. Send the completed Student Employment Termination form to

Grievance Procedures

When there is a disagreement between a supervisor and a student employee concerning student employment, the time limits outlined below for the processing of grievances are extremely important. The grievance procedure provides for a three-step plan utilizing established administrative levels. All university affirmative action policies and procedures are applicable.

  1. Informal Meeting: The grievance is handled informally between the student employee and the supervisor. A meeting of both parties should be arranged to discuss the problem.
  2. Appeal in Writing: If not resolved in Step 1, the dissatisfied party may appeal the decision to the administrative head of the employer. The grievance must be put in writing. The administrative head will investigate the allegations and will answer the dissatisfied party in writing within ten working days of receipt of the grievance.
  3. Grievance Committee Hearing:
    • If the grievance is not resolved in Step 2, a formal written request for a Grievance Committee hearing should be made to, including the administrative head’s written answer and indicating why the written answer of the administrative head was unsatisfactory.
    • Within ten working days of receipt of the written grievance, Career Services will schedule a meeting of the Grievance Committee. The Grievance Committee will consist of three members: two members will be chosen by the dissatisfied party from a Career Services list of volunteers from the university community and the third member, a moderator, will be a Career Services administrator or their representative.
    • The Grievance Committee will investigate the allegations and make its recommendation, in writing, to Career Services. A majority decision by the Grievance Committee will constitute the recommendation of the Grievance Committee to Career Services.
    • The Director of Career Services will render a final decision of the grievance, in writing, to the dissatisfied party. This decision will be made within ten working days of receipt of the recommendation of the Grievance Committee.

Verification of Student Employment + Form

Requests for employment verification must include a signed form authorizing the release of the student’s information.

There are two ways to submit a signed form authorizing the release of information to Student Employment:

  1. Submit an employment verification form provided by the requesting agency or organization.
  2. If you do not have an agency form, or if your request needs to be answered on Career Services letterhead, complete and submit our Student Employment Release of Information for Employment Verification form (PDF).

Fax employment verification requests to (937) 775-3381.

Contact Career Services, 937-775-2556 or

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