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New Hire Paperwork and Checklist

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New Hire Paperwork

Welcome to Wright State University!

All new and/or returning adjuncts and support staff are required to complete new hire paperwork within three days of beginning their employment with the university. All employees returning to the university after a one-year break in service or returning after a change in their employment status must complete a new employment packet. To complete your paperwork, please register for one of the sessions below. This process takes approximately 30 minutes and does not require attendance during the entire session.

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HR is located in University Hall, second floor, suite 203. Visitor parking is available by the building, in Lot 7.

After you register, you will receive an email from your assigned HR Operations Associate containing your new hire documentation that must be completed. In addition to your new hire paperwork, you will receive a separate email from HireTech to complete section 1 of your I-9. Please bring identifying documents to the orientation session. A list of acceptable documents will accompany the email from your analyst.

The following forms will need to be completed:

HR Operations Associates


We think working at Wright State is GREAT! We're happy that you're here and we want you to get off to the right start. Use this checklist to help inform you about Wright State and departmental policies and procedures, job functions, and your role and responsibilities within the organization.

Getting Started



  • Ensure all the appropriate hiring paperwork has been completed.
  • Obtain a copy of the department’s organizational chart.
  • Obtain a copy of all internal contacts' names, email addresses, and phone numbers.
  • Ensure all the paperwork for system, network, and phone access is completed. If assistance is needed, please contact Computing and Telecommunications Services (CaTS) at 937-775‐4827.
    • Telephone number
    • Voicemail
    • All department or team shared drives or network locations


  • Office Supplies: Request any specific office supplies needed.
  • Identification: Business cards, name tag, and/or nameplate have been ordered.
  • Additional Resources: Gather any resources (i.e. Voicemail Instructions, Campus Maps, points of contact...) needed for the job.
  • Set‐it‐up: Allow time to arrange workspace according to departmental standards. Set up voicemail and email.

Meet your Colleagues

  • Meet your team members, co‐workers, and supervisors whom you will be working with regularly.
  • Talk with current team members about their roles and responsibilities.
  • Make lunch plans for the first few days.
  • Identify and meet with your Mentor/Guide, if one is assigned.

Meeting with Supervisor

  • Position Description: Ask for a copy of your position description and review it with your supervisor.
  • Job Assistance: Meet the person(s) you may call for questions, clarification, and future assistance. This may be the same person as your mentor.
  • Quality: Discuss departmental quality standards and expectations.
  • Records: Your supervisor will show you where to locate any records or files necessary for your job. He or she will also explain the confidentiality policy and how to handle confidential information and records.
  • Standards of Conduct: Review acceptable and unacceptable performance and behaviors and how they are handled.
  • Issues and Concerns: Discuss the department policy regarding issues and concerns related to work responsibilities and assignments.
  • Role and Expectations: Discuss your role and expectations with your supervisor.
  • Safety Training: Discuss the available Environmental Health & Safety Training and which are required for your position.
  • Follow‐Up: Meet with your supervisor at the end of the day to answer any questions and discuss your first day/week(s) at Wright State.

Work Environment

  • Campus: Find a Campus Map and a map of the tunnel system, and then take a walk with your Mentor. Determine the location of the department’s building in relation to other buildings on campus. Discover any other buildings that may be needed.
  • Department Building: Take a tour of the department building. Locate other’s workstations, stairs, elevators, restrooms, emergency exits, break room, vending machines, etc.
  • Parking: Visit the Parking and Transportation website to order a parking pass (if applicable), review their policies, and for resources such as information on faculty and staff parking lots and motorist assistance.
  • Dress: Review any dress requirements and/or acceptable dress for the department. For example uniforms, business professional dress, business casual, casual Fridays, etc.
  • Emergency Evacuation Procedure: Learn about the emergency evacuation procedure, safety policy, and locate emergency exits and fire extinguishers.
  • Equipment: Locate the office equipment (i .e. telephone system, how to access computer, software, and other equipment, etc.) and office supplies. Inquire about the ordering process.

Work Procedures and Policies

  • Pay Stub and Timecard: Discuss when and how pay stubs are distributed and where to locate them on WINGS Express.
  • Keys and Access Codes: Obtain any necessary equipment, access codes, etc. Be sure to acquire any keys to your office, desk, cabinets, etc.
  • Computer Use: Ask about any restrictions and expectations related to the use of the computer for personal use, internet access, computer games, emails, social media, etc.
  • Computer Security: Ask about Wright State’s IT Security Policy (ensuring confidential information is shared in secure manners, virus protection, etc.).
  • Telephone: Learn the department’s policy on telephone etiquette and departmental practices for telephone usage and personal calls.
  • Cell Phones: Discuss any restrictions related to cell phone and text messaging use during work hours, breaks, and/or lunch. It is recommended you sign up for the university option for text messaging in case of an emergency by using Wright State Alert.
  • Noise Level: Inquire about the use of radios, iPods, or MP3 players.
  • Smoking Policy: Obtain information on the university's Smoking Policy.

Work Schedule

  • Time off Situations: Review when and who to call when absence is necessary due to personal emergencies or immediate need for time off. Ask for an explanation of the procedure for requesting time off and how to fill out a vacation/sick leave request form and from whom to request leave.
  • Reporting Time Off: Review departmental time reporting procedures, the completion of timesheets or leave reports in WINGS Express, and deadlines for submission. Obtain a copy of the payroll schedule.
  • Inclement Weather: Discuss inclement weather policy and whether you are identified as an emergency employee.
  • Work Schedule: Review information on work schedule and hours.
  • Holiday Schedule: Review the Holiday Schedule and discuss Wright State’s Winter Leave Policy.
  • Overtime/Comp Time: Discuss the process and authorization required for overtime and/or compensatory time (if applicable).
  • Meals and Breaks: Review the length of lunch and breaks and how the time schedule works. Review specific times for lunch and breaks, if designated. Dining Services

Office Protocols

  • Access and Security: Ask for information related to accessing the office or department, as well as any security codes necessary to gain access.
  • Locking Offices, Desks, and Filing Cabinets: Discuss the protocol for locking the office, doors, desk drawers, or filing cabinets.
  • Conference Rooms or Designated Office Space: Ask for information related to the use of office space, break rooms, or conference rooms within the department.
  • Coffee/Water Cooler: Discuss the process related to coffee or water usage within the department.
  • Mailboxes: Review the process of receiving and sending mail within the department, across the university, and outside the university. Locate the department mailboxes and campus mailroom.
  • Sign‐In/Sign‐Out: Review any sign‐in or sign‐out procedures in the department.
  • Filing: Discuss the process for individual desk files and department-wide files. Review how the filing should be handled, where it is located, etc.
  • Record Retention: Review and obtain copies of the Records Retention Policies (if applicable).

            Professional Development

            As an employee of Wright State University, you have access to several types of professional development.

            HR Professional Development

            • Leadership academy
            • Supervisor skills
            • Job posting processes
            • Compliance in diversity and awareness
            • e-learning

            Human Resources Professional Development

            Center for Faculty Excellence

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