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Strategic Hiring

Effective July 1, 2022

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About Strategic Hiring

It is imperative that Wright State continue to prioritize bringing operating expenses in line with future anticipated revenue. With compensation comprising the overwhelming majority of annual university spending, it is the most strategically important expense category around which we must focus our effort as we work toward a sustainable operating model.

The most effective strategy we can employ to positively impact our people and our operating expenses is to be proactive in building an efficient and resilient workforce while taking advantage of the opportunity to critically review position vacancies as they occur. Hiring fewer people and investing in our employees to develop diversified skill sets will allow them and our institution to be resilient. College and division leadership are expected to comply with the continued freeze on hiring, but we recognize that situations may arise requiring positions to be filled to perform critical functions. In these instances, proposals for new hires will be reviewed by the Strategic Hire Committee (SHC) following the process below.

Strategic Hire Committee

  • Burhan Kawosa, Associate Vice President for Financial Operations
  • Emily Hamman, Associate Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Greg Sample, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
  • Amy Thompson, Provost
  • Sommer Todd, Interim Controller and Director for Financial Services

Strategic Hire Coordinator

  • Nova Lasky, Director for Organizational Planning and Effectiveness



Executive level leadership for the units will collaborate with their underlying leaders, university resource partners (e.g, HR business partners, fiscal services managers, Institutional Research and Effectiveness, etc.) and other relevant campus leaders to evaluate strategies for meeting unit needs.


If the decision is made to request a hire, the appropriate strategic hiring proposal and attached support documentation is attached to submission within People Admin.


When the position and supporting documentation has reached the Strategic Hire approval queue, the executive level leader will be contacted to discuss the request with the coordinator.


Positions that are ready for committee review will be sent weekly to the Strategic Hire committee. Those that are unanimously approved will be moved forward in the workflow toward posting. Those that require further discussion will be held for the Strategic Hire meeting held on the first Thursday of each month. The executive leader will receive communication of the decisions at each step.

Forms and Resources

Notes and Exceptions

100% externally funded positions are not subject to strategic hire review but will require that documentation of the funding amount and period be attached within People Admin.

Internal promotion will not be subject to cursory review, however, the Strategic Hire Committee reserves the right to review. The promotion request should indicate whether the promoted individual’s position will be requested for backfill and a justification for the promotion and CV/resume should be attached within People Admin.

The revised weekly review schedule is intended to eliminate the need for expedited emergency review. However, for critical situations, an expedited review can still be requested via email to the coordinator once the position has reached the Strategic Hire approval queue in People Admin.