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Internal Search for Classified, Non-Bargaining Unit Positions

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Wright State University values filling new and vacant classified positions with qualified current employees. It will provide a process for giving first consideration to classified, non-bargaining unit staff. In the future, if there is a conflict between the internal posting procedure and the Ohio Revised Code and civil service procedures, the Ohio legal and administrative procedures will prevail.

When a new or vacant classified position becomes available, the hiring supervisor will consider whether it is appropriate to give first consideration to current eligible staff rather than requesting referrals from the civil service eligibility list maintained by Human Resources. If the hiring supervisor decides to first consider current eligible employees, Human Resources will post the position for Wright State classified, non-bargaining unit employees only on the Wright State Careers website.

Advantages of Using the Internal Posting Procedure

Positions designated for Wright State classified, non-bargaining unit employees only are posted for five days only. This process shortens the standard timeline for posting and eliminates outside advertising. Qualified current employees receive first consideration for positions posted under this job category. Current employees are more knowledgeable of university policies and procedures. There are no stipulations for interviewing a specified number of candidates; therefore, the interview process is less time-consuming. 

Right Reserved To Use Standard Civil Service Procedure

Although the hiring supervisor indicates a preference to hire a current university employee by posting the position for Wright State classified, non-bargaining unit employees only, the supervisor reserves the right to post under the civil service procedure and receive a list of competitively qualified candidates when it appears there are insufficient internal candidates or that outside applicants may more closely meet the needs of the department.

If the internal posting procedure is used and no one is selected from the internal applicant pool, the hiring supervisor must notify all applicants of this decision before reposting the position using the standard civil service procedure.

Posting Procedures and Deadlines

Once the Human Resources receives a final, approved request for posting, Talent Management Team will list the position on the Careers website for Wright State classified, non-bargaining unit employees only. The announcement will provide a description of the open position, minimum qualifications, department, and pay grade. Internal opportunities will be posted as soon as they are received and approved. The position will remain posted for five full working days.

    Application Procedure

    Eligible current employees may apply for the positions posted on the Careers website by completing and submitting the electronic application form. The application must be submitted by the specified closing date.  


    Employees must meet all of the following criteria to be considered for an interview:

    • Be actively employed, and on the Wright State University payroll (positions that are excluded include, but are not limited to, interim appointments, 30-day emergency appointments, and probationary employees);
    • Be in a classified, non-bargaining unit position;     
    • Meet the minimum qualifications for the position;     
    • Be employed in current position for at least one year.

    Evaluation and Selection Process

    The talent management team will screen applications for eligibility, as specified above. All applicants meeting the eligibility requirements will be referred to the hiring supervisor.

    After reviewing qualifications, work records, references, and other information, if any, the hiring supervisor will schedule interviews for the applicants he/she determines are the best candidates for the position. Hiring supervisors are encouraged to review official personnel files of all applicants before the interview process. After the interview process, the hiring supervisor will notify the Talent Management Team of the candidate selected to fill the position. The hiring supervisor will then offer the position to the candidate. Once the position has been accepted, the applicants not selected for the position will be notified by the Talent Management Team.   

    Wright State is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Institution

    All promotion and transfer decisions will be made without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, disability status, veteran status, military status, national origin, ancestry, sex (including gender identity/expression), age, or sexual orientation. The university is committed to making reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals with disabilities to complete the application process and perform the essential functions of the position.

    Wright State University, an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer, is committed to an inclusive environment and strongly encourages applications from minorities, females, veterans, and individuals with disabilities.