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Students: Have Acceptable Documents for I-9 Verification

Becoming a student employee at Wright State requires multiple processes that, together, are referred to as onboarding.

  • One of the onboarding processes is I-9 Verification, required by the U.S. government for all prospective employees.
    • This requirement applies to both domestic and international students.
  • If you expect to become a student employee at Wright State, bring  with you your Form i-9 Acceptable Documents 
  • Presentation of the same or other documents may be necessary for other processes.

At the appropriate time in your onboarding, you will receive an email from Student Employment providing instructions for the I-9 verification process and other steps toward becoming a student employee.

Student Access to Job Postings

On-campus student employment job postings are listed in Handshake.

Students: do not take action to create a Wright State Handshake account. Your account is created automatically when you register for credit hours. 

State of Ohio Minimum Wage Update

The Constitutional Amendment passed by Ohio voters in November 2006 states that Ohio's minimum wage rate shall be increased on the first day of the following January, by the rate of inflation, according to the Consumer Price Index.

As a result, the minimum wage for Wright State student workers will increase to $10.45 per hour effective with the payroll period beginning December 23, 2023.

Any student employee currently earning less than new minimum wage will automatically receive an increase to $10.45 per hour beginning December 23, 2023.

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Student employees are an employment class at Wright State, paid from the university bi-weekly payroll. Onboarding of the student as an employee requires multiple processes and employee status is confirmed only after all processes are completed. The student may not work prior to confirmation of employee status.

On-campus student employment offers part-time positions that do not require a degree and usually do not require a specific major. To the extent practicable based on a hiring department's operations, student employment work schedules can accommodate a student’s class schedule. Wright State provides equal opportunity.

Hiring departments are responsible for initiating student employment personnel actions; supervision of student employees; assigning, monitoring, and approving work hours; compliance with employment law and Wright State policies; and other employment policies and procedures. 

The Student Employment staff administer the student employment job posting, hiring, and termination processes.

Staff and faculty tasked with creating Wright State On-Campus Student Employment job postings in Handshake, who do not have a Handshake account, email your account request to

  • Do not submit the request via the Handshake portal.

Student Eligibility

Am I eligible for student employment?

Are you registered for the minimum credit hours?

  • Fall and Spring Semesters: you must be registered for at least the student employment required minimum of six undergraduate credit hours or three graduate credit hours.
  • Summer Semester: to be eligible for student employment, you must—at minimum—be pre-registered for the Fall Semester for the student employment required minimum of six undergraduate credit hours or three graduate credit hours.
    • To qualify for exemption from Ohio Public Employment Retirement System (OPERS), you must be registered for Summer Semester credit hours at the minimum of six undergraduate credit hours or three graduate credit hours. Beyond credit hours requirement, additional action may be required to apply for exemption from OPERS.
    • If your Summer Semester registered hours fall below the required minimum for exemption from OPERS, then you will be enrolled in OPERS; membership contributions will be deducted from your paychecks; the employer contributions will be charged to the employing department. Medicare deductions will also be applied.
  • During Winter Break: you must be pre-registered for Spring Semester for the student employment required minimum of six undergraduate credit hours or three graduate credit hours.

If you drop below the minimum credit hours required: 

  • In Fall and Spring semesters, you will be terminated from your student employment position. 
  • In Summer Semester:
    • If you drop below the required minimum number of Summer Semester credit hours for exemption from OPERS and you are registered for Fall Semester required minimum credit hours, then you will be enrolled in OPERS and the OPERS membership contribution will be deducted from each of your paychecks.
    • If you are not registered for Fall Semester required minimum credit hours, you will be terminated from your student employment position. 

Is it your final semester?

  • If your final semester registration will be below the student employment required minimum credit hours, you may apply for a one-time, one-semester exception. Contact to apply for the exception.

Have you completed federal Form I-9 verification process? 

Per federal law, for each individual an employer hires for employment in the U.S., the U.S. employer and the employee must properly complete a Form I-9. This rule applies to citizens and noncitizens.

Therefore, any student who has accepted a student employment job but who has never before been paid on the student employment payroll at Wright State must FIRST comply with the federal I-9 verification process AND then wait for confirmation of employment and a start date, emailed from Student Employment. You are not eligible to work until confirmed to do so.

  • Instructions for the scheduling the necessary appointments, along with a list of required documents, will be emailed to your email address from Student Employment.
    • The appointments you schedule will include two, in-person meetings: one in the Human Resources office and one in the Student Employment office.
  • You must bring acceptable I-9 verification documents to the meetings.
  • For international students, bring additional items:
    • You must also bring I-94, passport, and original Social Security card. 
    • The I-20 and visa may be helpful in completing additional hiring documentation.
  • If you arrive to the appointment without acceptable documents, you will not be processed. You must then reschedule both meetings.

    Were you offered a work-study award in your financial aid package?

    Students who have received a work-study award in their financial aid package must accept their work-study award prior to the hiring process to enable application of the award to their student employment.

    • The work-study award is not a loan and does not need to be repaid.
    • The work-study award is a federal subsidy of wages for on-campus student employment. Wages earned are given to you to spend at your discretion. Generally, student employees are paid bi-weekly and earnings are directly deposited into the student employee's personal bank account.
    • Students with a work study award are eligible to work in any position type.
    • Visit Federal Work Study (FWS) for additional information and eligibility criteria.

    Conflict with Graduate Assistant Contract

    Students who have an active graduate assistantship contract through the Graduate School are not eligible to be hired for a student employment position.

    Students who have an active student employment position may not enter into a graduate assistantship contract.

    Whether or not a graduate assistantship contract or student employment position is active is determined by the begin and end dates on either the contract or the student employment record.

    To avoid a conflict, all student employment positions must be terminated with an effective date prior to the begin date on the graduate assistantship contract.

    Are you active in another employee role at Wright State University?

    Individuals who are active on payroll as staff, faculty or administrator role are not permitted to hold a student employee role.

    Individuals who are active on student employment payroll are not permitted to hold a staff, faculty or administrator role.

    "Active" is determined by active and terminated dates inside your Wright State employee record, not by whether or not you are still reporting on the job for work hours.

      Have you received confirmation of your student employment and your start date?

      You must wait to begin work until you receive confirmation email via email address, from Student Employment. The confirmation email will include your student employment start date, which is the first day you may begin working in the position.  

      Maximum Working Hours Per Week (in All Jobs Combined)

      Violations of Maximum Working Hours Per Week policy results in termination of student employment. 

      Other violations and lack of qualifications may result in termination. Review all pages of student employment policies, procedures, and guidelines in the On-Campus Student Employment section of this website.

      Additional Information for International Students

      Job Classes & Pay Ranges + Chart

      For each position created, the supervisor must complete a position description form (PDF):

      • Maintain accurate and updated position description forms (PDF) within the unit files for audit purposes.
      • Duplicate information from the position description in the Handshake job posting and on the student employment authorization form that is submitted with the student's hiring paperwork.

      For each position description, the supervisor assigns the appropriate job class and pay rate consistent with the Job Class | Pay Range Chart on this page.

      • Pay rate must remain at the originally assigned rate EXCEPT when the pay rate is minimum wage and the minimum wage increases due to State of Ohio mandate.
      • The pay rate is linked to the position description and may not be adjusted for individual students.
      • Multiple students hired for the same position description must receive the same job class and pay rate.
      • If the supervisor reassigns or promotes a student to a different position, the pay rate for the newly assigned position is linked to that position description and may not be adjusted for the individual student.
        • Reassignments, promotions and other student employment personnel actions require completion of the appropriate personnel action employment grid. Send requests to

      All job postings and pay rates submitted to Handshake are subject to review.

      • Refer to Job Postings in Handshake section on this page for instructions.
      • Submit requests well in advance of desired employee start date, per Job Postings in Handshake.  
        • If student employees are funded via a grant, contact Student Employment during the grant writing process.

      Job Class | Pay Range Chart

      [EFFECTIVE 12/23/2023, MINIMUM WAGE WILL BE $10.45 PER HOUR]

      • At Basic levels of responsibility (previously Job Class 1):
        • Minimal (if any) prior knowledge or training required
        • Training provided
        • Routine responsibilities
        • Follow well-defined policies and procedures
        • May have access to confidential information
        • Independent judgment is limited
        • Close and direct supervision
      • At Intermediate levels of responsibility:
        • Prior relevant course and/or work experience required
        • Assignments require special knowledge or skills
        • Technical or research skills may be required
        • May have supervision responsibilities on a limited scope
        • May have access to confidential information
        • Some independent judgment
        • Moderate supervision provided
        • May require a significant amount of physical exertion, adverse hours, or working conditions

      Advanced Level Student Employee | Job Class: 3 | Pay Range: $14.01—$20

      • Requires specific and unique competitive job market skills
      • Completion of specific relevant courses and/or work experience required
      • Assignments require advanced knowledge, skills or abilities
      • Demonstrated ability to perform the job duties
      • May serve as a leader or trainer to student staff
      • May have access to confidential information
      • Independent judgment and decision-making; makes formal recommendations
      • Limited supervision provided; seeks guidance as necessary
      • Extensive problem-solving skills

      Highly Specialized Level Student Employee | Job Class: 4 | Pay Range: $20.01+

      • Reserved for highly specialized, technical, or scientific positions (involving extra review steps by Student Employment).
      • Graduate student with earned bachelor's degree or 3rd- or 4th-year undergraduate student with significant equivalent experience with substantially relevant skills required
      • Completion of specific relevant courses and/or work experience required
      • Demonstrated ability to perform the job duties
      • May supervise projects and/or other student staff
      • Independent judgment; makes formal recommendations; uses high-level decision-making
      • Performs complex data analysis and decision-making in design, experimentation, and construction
      • High levels of confidentiality
      • Interpretation of complex policies and procedures
      • Advanced written and oral communication skills
      • Supervision provided as needed

      Student Employment Position Types

      • Find the position type for a specific job by reading the Role Description in the On-Campus job posting in Handshake.

      Regular or Work-Study positions paid by student employment payroll

      • Regular Only position: fully funded by departmental budgets. All students – including students with work-study awards in their financial aid package - may apply to Regular positions.
      • Work-Study Only position: funded in part by a federal work-study financial aid award. Only students who have been awarded and accepted work-study awards in their financial aid package are eligible for Work-Study Only position types. Both undergraduate and graduate students may have work-study awards. Federal Work-Study Program Information
        • If the student is offered more than one work-study position and accepts both offers, the work-study award can be applied to only one of the student employment positions, either the first work-study position for which the student is hired or to another position that the student designates, via email to
        • Students: notify your supervisor immediately of any adjustment to your work-study award amount by the Office of Financial Aid.
      • Regular or Work-Study position: funded either fully by departmental budget or in part by federal work-study subsidy, depending on the student’s award status. Open to all student applicants, with or without work-study award.

      Assistantships for Graduate Students Only

      • Graduate Assistants, Graduate Teaching Assistants, Graduate Research Assistants: For graduate students only. Graduate Assistant (GA) positions may be student employment positions compensated hourly or may be a different kind of employment and compensation. Some GA positions may be posted in Handshake but others may only be discoverable by personally inquiring in the department.

      Job Postings in Handshake

      On-Campus student employment job opportunities are posted in Handshake by hiring departments.

      Students: Find job postings - Log in to your Handshake account

      Supervisors: How to Post On-Campus Student Employment Jobs (PDF)

      • When recruiting student employees for any semester, plan to post your jobs in Handshake at least thirty days prior to the intended student employee start date. 
      • For fall semester, newly-admitted students begin reviewing on-campus student employment job postings as early as mid-July.

      Students: Search Job Postings and Apply

      1. Did you receive a Work Study award as part of your Financial Aid package?
      2. Prepare a resume, cover letter and a list of references that can be adapted for each application. For assistance, contact a Career Services Advisor or Career Consultant.
      3. Complete your Student Employment Application Form (PDF) - some job postings require it.
      4. Access Handshake, your on-campus student employment job search portal.
        • Your student Handshake account is automatically created once you register for classes. If you have difficulty accessing your Handshake account, contact for assistance. Do not take action to create a Handshake account - that will delay access.
      5. Log into Handshake using your WINGS username and password. Follow instructions in the Handshake Login guide.
        • We recommend that you deselect public profile until you have reviewed and updated your profile. You are able to apply to jobs whether your profile is public or private. 
      6. Upload your résumé
      7. Search and apply for on-campus student employment in the Handshake jobs module. Jobs are continuously posted in Handshake throughout the entire year, as positions become open. 
        • Select the filter “On Campus.”
        • Do not select the “Work study” filter in the Handshake filter options.
        • Instead, identify the position type  by reviewing the job posting's Company Division field and the Description field to learn if the position type is Regular Only, Work-Study Only, or Regular or Work-Study.
      8. After you select the filter “On-Campus,” Handshake will present a list of on-campus jobs.
      9. If the job interests you and you qualify, follow the application instructions as specified in the job posting.
      10. Application may require a résumé and may also require creating and uploading additional documents. Required documents will be described in the job description and application process. 
      11. Monitor your email and phone for follow up messages.
      12. Prepare for an interview.
      13. Familiarize yourself with Wright State student employment policies, procedures, and protocols:
      14. If you are offered an on-campus student employment job and accept the offer:
        • You are not yet an employee and you are not yet allowed to begin working for the university.  
        • The job‘s time card approver emails to request instructions for the hiring process.
          • The time card approver may or may not be the same as the supervisor.
        • Be prepared - review the hiring process.

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