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Offer Package Considerations

photo of green and gold balloonsBelow are some helpful steps hiring departments can take before, during, and after extending an offer:

  • Discuss our total compensation offer as a complete package and then breakdown various elements
  • Outline the salary offer and address any external market factors and internal equity as needed
  • Know in advance of any room to negotiate. For questions on salary negotiations, contact HR Compensation at x2723.
  • Outline WSU benefits
    • You may direct the top candidate to the Human Resources benefits webpage
    • Benefits to highlight include medical, specifically HDHP with HSA contributions, retirement, and vacation
    • As relevant, promote that we have the mandatory retirement, but also offer two supplemental options (403b and 457 plans).
    • Share tuition remission benefit and any pertinent professional development or training available
    • If requested, be prepared to highlight family-friendly offerings, such as dual-career program, child care, lactation space, flexible work arrangements, adoption assistance
    • Other faculty-related items, such as a sabbatical, start-up packages, etc.
  • Relocation; mostly used for faculty and professional level positions
    • Check with your Dean/VP if they approve a relocation offer.
    • Please see the University Policy for additional information.
  • Temporary housing
    • Extended Stay on Colonel Glenn Highway is an option
    • Contact your Business Manager and Dean/VP for further guidance.

 Wright State’s mandatory retirement is a competitive advantage. Given the employer provides 14% towards the retirement plan minus any mitigating rate factor for ARP.

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