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Hiring Process

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About the Hiring Process

The hiring process at Wright State involves planning and starting the search, advertising and recruiting candidates, screening, interviewing, and hiring a candidate, and onboarding the candidate. The university employs a strategic hiring process for all position vacancies.

Plan and Start a Search


Identify need


Initiate and complete approval process


Determine the type of search:

Type of Search

Use for
Competitive search through posting process (external search) or using a search firm  
Dual career faculty hiring program  
Faculty opportunity hire program  
Internal/lateral transfer organizational-directed or employee-requested transfers
Internal promotion—competitive or non-competitive  
Internal search fulfilling classified positions with qualified current employees
Temporary employment  
Workforce reorganization reorganizing workforce to further meet the mission, goals, and objectives of Wright State

Develop position description. Find information about writing an effective job description.

Need to hire someone more quickly? Learn more about the expedited hiring process.

Advertise and Recruit Candidates


Determine scope of recruitment—national, regional, or local

Screen, Interview, Select, and Hire

Onboard and Orient