Human Resources

Applying for a Job

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How to Apply

All applicants must complete an online application in order to be considered for the position that they are applying for. Paper applications are not accepted.

Positions stay open until 11:59 p.m. of the closing date indicated on the position posting. Positions that have a first consideration date will remain open until filled. There is no limit to the number of positions you can apply for.

External applicants cannot apply for “WSU Employees Only” positions. They are open for eligible Wright State University employees only.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I save my application in the middle of creating it and come back later?

    Yes. You must click “Save and Continue To Next” or “Save and Stay on This Page” to save the information you entered. If you close the browser prior to clicking “Save and Continue To Next” or ‘Save and Stay on this Page,” your application and account will be saved, but you will lose the information on the last page. When you return, log into the system and click on “Manage Applications” and complete the remaining fields before applying for a specific position. Once you apply for a specific position, you may not edit your application.

  • Should I attach a resume and/or cover letter?

    For faculty and unclassified positions, cover letter and resume are required materials. Additional materials may be required by hiring departments which will be indicated in the “Special instructions to the applicants” field on the position posting.

  • Can I attach a different resume for each position that I apply for?

    Yes. You may attach a different resume and/or cover letter for every position that you apply for.

  • How do I attach my resume and/or cover letter?

    To attach a document to your application, click the Attach link next to the type of document you wish to upload. It is strongly recommended that you include your name on each document that you attach. These documents should be black and white only, should not include pictures, and should not be password-protected. Please limit the size of your document to less than 2 MB. To remove a document from your application, click the Remove link next to the document you wish to remove.

  • If I attach a resume to my application, do I still have to complete the ‘Employment History’ section of the application?

    Yes. For classified positions, resumes are accepted as supplemental information only. Classified applications with incomplete ‘Employment History’ will be considered an incomplete application.

  • I’m having trouble attaching documents. What should I do?

    The online employment system only accepts documents in Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format, of a file less than 2 MB. If neither format is available to you, you may copy and paste the text of your document into the “Paste a new Resume” box.

  • How do I attach letters of reference, transcripts, etc. that are in hardcopy form?

    If available, hardcopy documents can be scanned into your computer and then attached. If a scanner is not available, Human Resources has scanners available for applicants use during normal business hours.

  • If I edit my application, will the updated application be sent to all the positions that I already applied for?

    No. Once you edit your application, the system will only update your current application. The system does not have the ability to go back and edit your applications that you already submitted for specific positions.  If you discover an error on your application after applying for a specific position, you may call Department of Human Resources for assistance.

  • I accidentally withdrew my application from a position that I applied for. What can I do to re apply?

    Please be extremely careful when withdrawing your application from positions. The system will not allow you to reapply once you've withdrawn your application. For assistance, call Human Resources.

  • Will late applications be accepted?

    No. The online system will not accept an application once the position is taken off the web.

  • How can I apply for positions that were previously posted?

    You can only apply for positions that are listed on the web.

  • Why can’t I apply for the same position more than once – it was posted more than once.

    If you have already applied for a specific position, the system will not allow for you to apply for the same position.

  • What if I lose/forget my user name and password?

    If you forget your password, click on “I Forgot My password” link on the applicant login page. Your secret question will be displayed for you to answer. If you forget your user name, contact Human Resources at 937-775-2120.

After Applying

You will receive a confirmation message on the screen immediately after you apply for a specific position. You may also check your application status at anytime by logging into the system.

You can log into the system anytime with your user name and password to check on the status of positions that you applied for. Click on “Application status” to view your job history.

The time frame for hearing back once you’ve applied for a position varies for each position.