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Dual Career Faculty Hiring Program

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About the Dual-Career Hiring Program

Wright State University recognizes that many faculty members whom we recruit have partners who are accomplished faculty in their own right. To better support the needs of prospective faculty during the recruiting process, WSU has implemented a comprehensive Dual-Career Hiring Program for prospective faculty candidates. This program includes policies, practices, and resources to support identifying suitable career opportunities for the partners of qualified faculty candidates. This program includes: University Policy 8120 which affords hiring consideration for qualified faculty partners with support from relevant units and Deans; participation in the regional HERC (Higher Education Recruiting Consortium) where faculty candidates’ partners may access and apply for positions throughout the region; and support for conversations with other Dayton-area higher education institutions through the Office of the Associate Provost for Faculty and Staff Affairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Boonshoft School of Medicine (BSOM) faculty eligible to participate in this policy? Answer: It depends.
    • If the primary appointment in BSOM would be a full-time appointment as an employee of Wright State University (WSU), then YES, the appointment is eligible for the faculty dual-career hiring policy.
    • If the primary appointment in BSOM would be a full-time appointment as an employee of Wright State Physicians (WSP), then NO, the appointment is not eligible  for the faculty dual-career hiring policy.
    • If the primary appointment in BSOM would be a mixed appointment as an employee of both WSU and WSP, eligibility under the faculty dual-career hiring policy will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the Provost.

Resources for Faculty Candidates and Their Partners

Faculty candidates who wish to utilize the Dual Career Faculty Hiring (DCFH) policy should communicate interest to an appropriate administrator as early in the hiring process as possible; candidate consideration for any faculty position will be in no way influenced by requests to utilize this policy.

Faculty candidates and their partners can learn more about other faculty and administrative hiring opportunities in higher education within the Dayton region by checking out the resources at the Ohio-West Virginia-Pennsylvania HERC (Higher Education Recruiting Consortium). Resources on this site include job postings as well as other tools for dual-career couples seeking support in their career success.

Resources for Wright State Administrators and Search Committees

Administrators and others involved in hiring faculty candidates for national searches may seek consideration for hiring a faculty candidate’s partner into additional faculty appointment under University Policy 8120: Dual Career. Given the need for timeliness, the application process should begin as soon as a candidate expresses interest in having his/her partner considered for a position under the policy. Questions about the policy and application process may be emailed to Shannon Norton ( in the Office of the Provost.

The Application Process


Primary Faculty Candidate Submits Request for Consideration (DOCX)

  • Faculty candidates may request consideration at any time during the hiring process.

Strategic Hire Request (DOCX) Initiated by Dean, Department Chair, or Search Committee Chair

  • Discussion of possible roles/plan for support of secondary faculty candidate between Department Chairs, Deans
  • Application materials are begun.

Secondary Position Unit Reviews Partner Candidate

  • Review of partner candidate materials and interview
  • Faculty discussion and secret ballot vote for the recommendation
  • Summary recommendation (300 words max)
  • Application Materials Completed and Reviewed by Dean(s)

Application Submitted to Associate Provost for Faculty and Staff Affairs for Review


Recommendation from APFS Communicated to Department Chair(s) and Dean(s)

  • AAUP Notified if recommended position is BUFM