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Internal Promotion

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Competitive Internal Promotion


Create a posting in PeopleAdmin.

Review PeopleAdmin User Guide: How to Create Postings (PDF)


Under the Documents section of the posting, attach a brief memo outlining the reasons why an external search would not result in a more qualified candidate.


Once the position is approved by all parties, it is posted within the university, department, unit, college, or school for a minimum of five business days.

  • If posting within the university, select the For WSU Employees Only option when completing the position posting in PeopleAdmin.
  • If posting within a department, unit, college, or school, select the Internal Promotion–Competitive option when completing the position posting in PeopleAdmin.

All eligible, qualified candidates who apply must be given consideration for the position and applicable university employment procedures followed.


Internal applicants who are to be interviewed must be submitted to the Office of Equity and Inclusion for approval via PeopleAdmin before the interview process can begin.


Once a finalist is selected, initiate and submit a Hiring Proposal via PeopleAdmin.


Upon approval, send a Personnel Action Form (PDF) for the individual receiving promotion and a copy of the offer letter to Human Resources.

Non-Competitive Internal Promotion


Contact Human Resources Compensation to discuss the business case, determine the appropriate classification and compensation of the position, and evaluate the workforce planning options available.


Make recommendation to your Dean/Vice President.


If your recommendation is approved by your Dean/Vice President, submit the following business case documents to Human Resources Compensation and EEO via email:

  • A list of the eligible employees in the same department/school/college/unit who are qualified and were considered for the position.
  • A summary of the selected employee’s credentials that document that the individual meets the established minimum qualifications for the position and has the skills and experience at least equal to other internal candidates.
  • The reasons for selecting the designated employee for the position.
  • Current and proposed organizational chart.
  • Email the documents to and

If your recommendation is approved by both Human Resources and the Office of Equity and Inclusion, create and submit a position posting via PeopleAdmin. Select the Internal Promotion–Non-Competitive option when completing the Posting Details. NOTE: Approval by OEI and HR does not imply approval by any other office which may choose to deny the request, e.g., Budget, Provost Office.


If an agreement was not reached, no promotion will occur or a competitive search will commence.


Once the position is approved by all parties, complete and submit a Personnel Action Form (PDF) for the employee being promoted and a copy of the offer letter to Human Resources.

For more information on Internal Promotion Policy, go to University Policy 8160.