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Winter Break and Leave

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Winter Break

For calendar year 2023, Wright State University will follow the policy below in providing paid winter leave to employees during winter break

Winter break consists of the four workdays between the paid holidays of Christmas and New Year’s Day. Those days are labeled in the calendars below for employees working a Monday–Friday full-time schedule. Any employees with a regular schedule other than a standard Monday–Friday schedule should speak to their supervisors about their specific circumstances.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

University open

University open

University open

University open

President's Day
(Floating Holiday)


Winter Break

Winter Break

Winter Break

Winter Break

New Year's Day


Winter Leave

Any staff and/or fiscal year faculty represented by a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) should consult their appropriate CBA for information concerning paid winter leave. Faculty on academic-year contracts do not accrue vacation leave and are not eligible for paid winter leave. Employees whose positions are externally funded or special contract must have the approval of their Dean, Director or Vice President to be provided paid winter leave.

The university will provide all full-time employees (100% FTE) two days (16 hours) of paid Winter Leave for calendar year 2023. All part-time employees (20% FTE or greater) will receive a pro-rated amount of paid Winter Leave based on their FTE.

Most employees will use their own vacation hours or take unpaid leave for the remaining day(s) of Winter Break. NOTE:  Employees have complete discretion about whether to use their own vacation hours, comp time (applicable only to classified staff) or to take unpaid leave for the remaining day(s) of Winter Break.  If you are unclassified salaried staff and choose to take this time as unpaid leave, please provide a Personnel Action Form signed by your supervisor with this information to Human Resources. All other leave time should be reported on your December monthly Leave Report.

All paid Winter Leave in the policy above must be used either during Winter Break or at a substitute time agreed upon between the employee and his/her supervisor.   Substitute days will be allowed only when an employee has remained at work at the University’s request during all or part of winter break. 

Substitute days for days worked during the Winter Break of calendar year 2023 must be used by June 30, 2024. Substitute Winter Leave days must be taken in full-day increments.

Please contact Human Resources at or 937-775-2120 with any questions.

The University reserves the right to review this policy annually.