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About Parking at Wright State

We are committed to supporting the students, staff, faculty, and visitors at Wright State by managing the parking needs of the university while providing excellent customer service. Our policies and procedures are designed to help alleviate parking and traffic issues at our campus while keeping motorists and pedestrians safe. All faculty, staff, and students, as well as paid contractors, must purchase their own valid parking permit in order to park on the Dayton campus. Sharing permits is considered to be fraudulent; violations are subject to fines.

Please note: When you purchase your permit in your My Parking Account, you will link your vehicle information to your permit because your license plate number verifies that you have purchased a permit. If you need to change the vehicle that you will be parking on campus, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your My Parking Account.
  2. Click Permits.
  3. Click View Your Permits.
  4. Scroll down and click on your permit number.
  5. Scroll down to Associated Vehicles to add or delete a vehicle.

You may link up to three vehicles to your permit; however, you can only have one vehicle parked on campus at any one time. The Vehicles page simply shows what vehicles are associated with your account; it does not signify that vehicles on this page may legally be parked on the Dayton Campus.

All faculty, staff, and students, as well as service employees, contractors, and visitors, are strongly urged to review both this website and the University Parking Policy website in order to familiarize yourself with parking privileges and other parking policies before parking on the Dayton campus.

Student Parking Permits

Reminder: All students parking on campus in a personal vehicle must register a vehicle license plate with the Department of Public Safety (DPS). DPS regularly scans vehicle license plates to confirm all vehicles are registered to park on campus.

The university no longer processes permits in person. You may purchase your parking permit at your My Parking Acount.

Three permits are available for students parking their vehicles on campus: 

  • Single Semester Permits are available for $95 and are valid for the 2023 Spring Semester. This permit provides access to all general parking areas (yellow and white spaces).
  • Full Academic Year Permits are available for $160 and are valid for the entire academic year (i.e., July 31, 2023). This permit provides access to all general parking areas (yellow and white spaces).
  • Full Academic Year Rowdy Permits are available for $300 and are valid for the entire academic year (i.e., July 31, 2023). This permit affords parking in selected premium spaces designated with a "Rowdy Raider" symbol, as well as any general parking areas (yellow and white spaces). These parking spaces are closest to all campus buildings and are located throughout campus.

The university has ample parking available. However, please note that parking is not guaranteed in your preferred lot.

Lake Campus

Lake Campus students please visit the Lake Campus Employee and Student Parking website for parking information.

Employee Parking Permits

Dayton Campus Employee Parking Permit Information

Parking rates have been reduced! Beginning January 1, 2023, parking permit rates are as follows:

  • General Permit ($13.33/month by payroll deduction)
  • Rowdy Permit ($25.00/month by payroll deduction)

These new rates are consistent with student rates and represent a 29% price reduction from the previous general employee permit price and a 37% price reduction from the previous reserved permit (Rowdy) price.

Additionally, in an effort to streamline and simplify the process, Parking Services has created an auto-enrollment feature that has made the purchase of a parking permit easier than ever. WSU employees will have a monthly pre-tax payroll deduction supporting the type of permit they determine meets their needs (a General Permit for $13.33/month or a Rowdy Permit for $25.00/month). There will also be an opt-out option for those not driving a vehicle to and from campus.

Please note, your parking permit option cannot be changed until the next parking open enrollment which is planned for late Spring 2023. This permit period cycle will get all Raiders (employees and students) on the same permit cycle beginning next Fall.

The process is simple. When you completed the form to select a permit type, the deduction began automatically and the permit was linked to the vehicles that you listed in your application. If you wish to add or remove vehicle license plates after this enrollment period is complete, please visit your My Parking Account to link up to three (3) vehicles at a given time.

Please note, if you did not complete the auto-enrollment form to select a Parking Permit option by November 30, 2022, you may be auto-enrolled for the General Permit effective with the first pay in January. This parking permit option could then be changed during the next parking open enrollment which is planned for late Spring 2023.

The focus of this effort is to simplify and streamline the parking process. It should be noted that those who opted out of a parking permit will not be able to purchase a parking permit online if they need to add one; they will have to purchase a permit in-person at 065 Allyn Hall.

Additionally, those who elect to opt out acknowledge that citations issued to them after opting out are not appealable as they were afforded an opportunity to purchase a permit through this process.

Parking Policy: Parking Policy

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