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Qualifying Life Event: Death of an Employee

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When a loved one passes away, we understand that this is a difficult time for surviving family members. If you are the family member of a Wright State employee who recently passed away, please contact Human Resources as soon as possible to report the death and to get information about the release of final pay, options for continuing benefits, and to apply for any available death benefits.

Release of Wages and Earnings

In order for the university to release wages and earnings due to the deceased employee, documentation for probate court is required. Contact the Payroll Department for additional information.


Medical, Dental, Vision, and Prescription Benefits

  • A surviving spouse and/or eligible dependent(s) may choose to continue medical, dental, and/or vision coverage under COBRA for a maximum of thirty-six (36) months.
  • You have 60 days to elect COBRA coverage from the date you receive the COBRA continuation materials in the mail.
  • If you choose to continue your coverage through COBRA, complete the materials and return them to UMR. UMR can be contacted at 800-826-8791.
  • For more information see COBRA
  • If a surviving spouse and/or dependent(s) do not choose to continue their medical, dental and/or vision insurance, coverage will end the last day of the month of the deceased employee’s death.

Life Insurance

Upon notification of death, Human Resources will notify Minnesota Life Insurance and Minnesota Life Insurance will then contact the designated beneficiary.


Some retirement plans may allow payment to the beneficiary(-ies) at the time of death. Contact information for the Retirement Vendors may be found on this site.

Dependent Tuition Assistance

Spouses and dependents of active employees or retirees who were eligible at the time of the death of the employee may be eligible to receive tuition assistance.  For more information, including eligibility requirements, see Educational Benefits Program.

Employee Assistance Program

The death of a loved one can be stressful in many ways. The Employee Assistance Program is a free benefit that offers confidential counseling and referral services to you, your household, and dependents living away from home to help with any issues that may arise due to the death of your family member.