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Human Resources has developed two guides to help you transition from Wright State University. The Leaving the University Guide provides important information about pay and benefits, insurance enrollment and continuation options, retirement participation, and an exit checklist. The Wright Path to Retirement Guide is a resource to help you connect with the many new opportunities you face as a retiree and reviews your continued relationship with Wright State University.

Leaving the University Guide (PDF)

Wright Path to Retirement (PDF)

Medical, Dental, Vision, and Prescription Benefits

Medical, dental, vision, and prescription coverage through Wright State terminates on the last day of the month in which your employment ends. These coverages may be continued in accordance with COBRA, which in general allows for coverage continuation for 18 months beyond the termination date at the expense of the faculty or staff member.

UMR, WSU’s COBRA administrator will send enrollment information to you and/or your eligible dependents within 14 days after your separation date. You and/or your dependents have 60 days after your retirement date or the date COBRA enrollment form was sent, whichever is later, to elect COBRA coverage and return the enrollment form to UMR. For information, contact UMR at 800-207-1824.

Exit Questionnaire

Wright State University believes that your employment with the university is valuable and would like to learn more about your time here as part of our ongoing efforts to enhance others’ experiences going forward.

We ask that you complete a questionnaire. The information you provide will be kept in a confidential file and used in generalized, non-identifiable ways.

Access the questionnaire through Qualtrics.

Flexible Spending Account

Your participation in an FSA will terminate on the date your employment with the university ends. You may submit reimbursement requests for expenses that were incurred from January 1 of the current plan year to the separation date. You have 90 days from your separation date to submit claims.

You may choose to continue your Health Care FSA participation on an after-tax basis. For information, contact MyCafeteriaPlan at 937-865-6500.

Health Savings Account

Your participation in the Health Savings Account (HSA) will end on the last day of the month in which you separate from Wright State. After leaving the university, you will be responsible to pay the monthly HSA service fees, which are based on the average daily balance of your account.

If you have any questions about your HSA account, please contact Fifth Third at 888-350-5353. You also have the option to roll over your HSA funds to an HSA account with another bank or credit union. 

Life Insurance

Group term life insurance, dependent life insurance, voluntary term life insurance, and group universal life insurance coverage ends upon your termination from the university.

You may be able to continue all or a portion of your insurance or convert to an individual policy. If you wish to port or convert your coverage, you can apply directly to Minnesota Life. You must apply and pay the first premium 31 days after your Wright State coverage ends. For more information, contact Minnesota Life at 866-293-6047.

Vacation and Sick Leave Payouts

Please refer to University Policy 8410 for vacation leave payout information and University Policy 8420 for sick leave payout information.


The contributions you and Wright State make to your university-sponsored retirement plans end upon your separation from the university. For information on your options relative to your retirement accounts following your separation from employment, please contact OPERS, STRS, or your ARP, 403(b), and/or 457(b) provider. Find contact information for the Retirement Vendors.

Employee Assistance Program

IMPACT Solutions extends Employee Assistance Program services for 90 days following the separation of employment at no cost. Contact the EAP by phone at 800-227-6007.

Parking Pass

If you have a parking permit and payroll deducted the permit, please return your permit to Parking and Transportation Services to stop the payroll deduction. You may return your permit to 224 Medical Sciences in person or by mail (campus or by post).