Human Resources

Workers' Compensation Insurance

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Wright State University provides workers’ compensation insurance for all faculty, staff, or student employees who receive compensation from the university for his/her employment and who are covered under the Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Compensation. This is provided for work-related illnesses and injuries that arise from, and occur in the course of, performing job duties.

Workers’ Compensation laws provide medical expense and disability income benefits for employees, as well as death benefits for surviving dependents for qualifying injuries. Disability income compensation is payable effective with the eighth day of total disability. It is the employee’s responsibility to initiate a workers’ compensation claim.

Once a claim is filed, the workers’ compensation process at Wright State University is handled through the Office of General Counsel. A paralegal in the Office of General Counsel is available to answer any questions or concerns that any faculty or staff member, who has been injured while at work, may have.

If you have been injured, or become suddenly ill on the job, you must also report the injury or illness to Environmental Health and Safety by completing the Incident Report Form. Contact Environmental Health and Safety at 937-775-2215 or at