2020 Summer Adjunct Open Sessions

Welcome to Wright State University!!

All new and/or *returning adjuncts and support staff are required to complete new hire paperwork within three days of beginning their employment with the University. The required paperwork is provided below. The 2020 Summer Adjunct Open Sessions have been canceled. To submit the required paperwork, please contact your assigned Operations Analyst. For assistance with determining your assigned Operations Analyst, please contact your department or to view the HR Operations Analyst Departmental Listing: Click here.

Upon receipt of the completed paperwork, you will receive additional instructions for completion of the I-9.

*Please note:  All employees returning to the University after a one year break in service or returning after a change in their employment status, must complete a new employment packet.

The following forms will need completion:

Thank you and again, Welcome to Wright State University!

Carmon Baker – carmon.baker@wright.edu
Brittany Barrett – brittany.barrett@wright.edu 
Aaron Bock – aaron.bock@wright.edu                
Brenda Williams – brenda.williams@wright.edu

For questions, please contact Human Resources at (937) 775-2120 or human_resources@wright.edu.