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Staff Handbook

Welcome and Introduction

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Staff Handbook in PDF Format


Welcome to Wright State University! As a new employee, you are joining the team that has made this university a community asset, a respected Ohio public university, and a leader in higher education. We wish you success in your new job, and we hope that you quickly feel at home. At Wright State, every position is important. We hope you will immediately connect with our core values of people, learning, partnerships, relationships, sustainability and stewardship. Your commitment to these values is critical for our mutual success in academic quality, student success, research and innovation, and community and economic development.

Wright State has landed on every significant list published annually for college-bound students by national magazines. Learn more about our national recognition.


To ensure the university’s success in accomplishing its mission, this handbook has been prepared to provide you with a basic understanding of the university’s mission, vision, policies, and your responsibilities as an employee. It was prepared to make you aware of what you can expect from Wright State University—and what the university will expect from you.

We hope your experience here will be challenging and enjoyable. This handbook should not be construed as an employment contract or an agreement for employment for any specified period of time. The information we have included in this handbook is necessarily brief and may be subject to change; however, all laws, rules, and Board of Trustees resolutions from which this handbook is derived can be found in the University Libraries and Human Resources. If any information contained in this handbook conflicts with and any of the above, those laws, rules and policies take precedence over the information provided in this handbook.

The university makes available to all employees University Policy. Any questions regarding the content of this handbook or university policies should be addressed through your supervisor or to Human Resources.

Our community members who are part of a bargaining unit should refer to their respective collective bargaining agreement for the specific provisions and benefits that accrue to them.

About Wright State University

Wright State University, named for aviation pioneers Orville and Wilbur Wright, is a dynamic and diverse institution with more than 11,000 students pursuing studies in approximately 160 undergraduate and 155 graduate and professional degree programs. In addition, Wright State University-Lake Campus, located between St. Marys and Celina, Ohio, offers associate, bachelor's and master's degree programs.

The Wright Brothers are inseparably linked to the Dayton area because they spent the majority of their lives here and it is in the Dayton area that they perfected controlled manned flight. In fact, the Wright Brothers Collection, including diaries, financial records, genealogical files, thousands of photographs and other documents detailing the lives and work of Wilbur and Orville Wright and the Wright Family, was deeded to Wright State University in 1975 by the Wright Family.

Wright State’s 651-acre Dayton campus has 32 academic and academic support buildings and a 200-acre biological preserve. An extensive underground tunnel system links most campus buildings, whose modern architecture is nationally recognized for being accessible to people with disabilities.

New Mobility magazine and the United Spinal Association ranked Wright State University No. 3 in the nation for its wheelchair-friendly features and accessibility in 2020.

The university is dedicated to teaching, research, and service and has strong links to Miami Valley schools and businesses, government, and community organizations. Wright State is committed to excellence in higher education and is one of the most highly regarded employers in the Miami Valley.

Lake Campus

Lake Campus Mission

As part of Wright State University, the Lake Campus will be the focal point for the educational and cultural advancement of the residents of West Central Ohio, providing opportunities for advanced scholarship and continuing education, for economic and technological development, and for community service.

The Lake Campus of Wright State University is located on 103 scenic acres on the north shore of Grand Lake St. Marys between Celina and St. Marys, Ohio. As a regional campus of Wright State University, Lake Campus is an "all-inclusive" package providing a full university experience with a warm, welcoming atmosphere. We invite you to discover what Lake Campus has to offer.