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About Dayton Campus Safety

Wright State University takes campus safety seriously. We have a Department of Public Safety that has a fully operational police department that consists of a patrol division, administrative division, Public Safety Service Center, special event services, investigations, and a records division. The police department also has mutual aid agreements with all Greene County law enforcement agencies, Fire/EMS services, and all state universities in Ohio. 

Wright State prioritizes the safety and well-being of the campus community and has implemented multiple other campus safety services to continue providing the best for our students, staff, and faculty. Our goal is to provide peace of mind and a safe and secure environment for those who attend, work, reside, and visit. Some of the safety services are; Safety Escorts, Emergency Phones, Community Policing Programming, and special events planning. Feel free to look at the campus safety resources below.

Automated External Defibrillator

As a part of Wright State University overall emergency planning, an Automated External Defibrillator Program was established in 2016. AED are strategically placed across both the Dayton and Lake campuses with the goal of having an AED applied to a victim of cardiac arrest within five minutes.

Many of the AEDs are housed in wall-mounted storage cabinets for ease of access. The wall-mounted storage cabinets are alarmed and when opened, will send a signal to the Public Safety Service Center to alert first responders to a potential emergency. Public Safety also carries AEDs with them as a part of the first response.

All Wright State DPS police officers are trained in cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and AED usage.  

The Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Department oversees the AED at both the Dayton and Lake campuses. Monthly inspections are conducted by Facilities Casualty Prevention personnel.

Report potential cardiac emergencies

Dayton Campus by calling 911 from any campus telephone and telling the dispatcher you are on the location of the cardiac emergency. To contact University Police from a cell phone, dial 937-775-2111.

Note: If 911 is dialed from a cell phone, you will be connected with Off-Campus emergency responders.

Lake Campus by calling 911 from any campus telephone or cell phone and telling the dispatcher you are on the location of the cardiac emergency.  

View the list of AED Locations

Emergency Phones

At Wright State University, the safety of our faculty, staff, students, and visitors is our first priority. Besides the presence of Wright State police officers and security personnel, numerous emergency phones have been placed around campus, including inside academic buildings and some resident halls. For immediate assistance, each one of these phones has a button that can be pushed to alert the Wright State Police Department.


Safety Escorts

The University Police Department provides a safety escort service that was designed to enhance your safety and peace of mind and provide a greater sense of security for anyone who feels unsafe while walking alone on campus.

This service is a walking escort, and you should assume that you will be given a walking escort. Mobile escorts are available with strict limitations.

  • Who is eligible for escort services?

    The escort service is free of charge and available to all Wright State students, faculty, and staff. A valid Wright State Wright1 ID card is required for all escorts and must be displayed to the escort upon arrival.

  • Who will escort me?

    Wright State police officers or student patrol officers. 

    Student patrol officers are student employees employed by the Wright State Police Department. The student employees are carefully screened and selected prior to their employment with the department. All student patrol officers carry a portable radio with direct contact to the Police Department Communications Center.

  • When are the escort services available?

    Escort services are available around the clock. To arrange a safety escort, call the Wright State Police Department Communications Center at 937-775-2111 or x2111 from any campus phone.

  • Where can I be escorted to?

    Escorts are conducted from any campus location to another campus location. We are unable to escort anyone to or from an off campus locations.

Mobile Escort Service

The University Police Department also provides a mobile safety escort; however, availability is only when it is determined to be necessary and when resources are available. When a Wright State police officer is dispatched to escort you while on campus, the escort will be a walking escort unless a mobile escort is reasonable and appropriate in accordance with the attendant circumstances. All mobile safety escorts will be provided by a police officer in a marked university police vehicle.

The following situations may result in a mobile escort being denied:

  • The person requesting the safety escort is in possession of a firearm, dangerous ordinance, or weapon.
  • When there are more than two persons going to the same location.
  • When the purpose of the escort is merely for transportation to and from class, residential housing, and/or places of employment.
  • When there is another form of transportation available, such as the campus shuttle bus or RTA.
  • If it is determined that the information you provided to the dispatcher is false or misleading.

Community Policing Programming

The goal and focus of our Community Policing Programming is to provide educational training for faculty, staff, and students. The programming we offer focuses on various safety measures and risk-reduction techniques. While the police division focuses these programs on specific topics such as alcohol use awareness, sexual assault awareness, general safety tips, and recognizing distressed individuals and violent intruders, officers are always willing to address other current or prudent educational topics.

Special Event Services

The University Police Department provides security for many special events, such as sporting events, concerts, student events, commencements, banquets, and special speakers, to name a few. We also understand that planning any event can be challenging and may involve many different departments and/or people. Planning for the potential risks and hazards associated with an event is essential to the event's success.

Special Event Services