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The University Police Department strives to provide the highest level of policing services through the enforcement of laws and the protection of life, property, and the constitutional rights of all. The Department exists to ensure a safe and secure educational environment that promotes diversity, tolerance, academic freedom, and respect for every individual. We strive for excellence and are committed to meeting customer expectations through teamwork, and compassion.

The police department is sincerely interested in both recognizing employees who exhibit exceptional service and addressing areas where the department or an individual has failed to meet those standards. The following will provide information on how to share your feedback.


It is always good to hear about a positive experience regarding the ability of a member of the police department to provide exceptional service and/or support. The compliments positively reinforce our departmental mission and the efforts of the police department staff. The best way to commend the actions of a police department employee is through the online form located below. It is also possible to notify the on-duty supervisor in person or via phone at 937-775-2111. The feedback provided will be shared with the department employee and placed in their personnel file.


The public trust and image of the University Police Department depends upon the personal integrity and discipline of each member. In order to maintain the integrity of this department and the trust of our citizens, complaint procedures have been established to address concerns of misconduct.

Members of the Public

Complaints against police department personnel or the department as a whole are taken seriously and are investigated fully. Members of the public can submit an inquiry against police department personnel with the online form below, via phone, by mail, or anonymously using the form below. While you may choose to submit an inquiry anonymously, please understand that doing so may impact our ability to follow up if limited information is available. Our official complaint process is in person.

The complaint process not only allows the department to examine its actions during an incident in question but also provides an opportunity to assess the effectiveness of our policies and procedures. These objectives can only be accomplished through a consistently thorough and objective investigative process.

The complaint process protects the rights of both parties. Please remember, the guilt, innocence, or legality of an arrest are matters for the courts to decide and are not subject to the police complaint process. Only allegations of employee misconduct are investigated.

Complaints will be assigned to the employee’s immediate supervisor unless reassigned by the Director of Public Safety or his/her designee. Complaint investigations are normally completed within a 30-day time period. After completion, the investigating supervisor will forward their report and all supporting documents to the Director of Public Safety/Chief for review. The investigative report will provide a conclusion that depicts the classification of the complaint and the findings.

The complainant will be periodically updated on the status of the complaint. This will be done by the investigating supervisor or the Director of Public Safety/Chief. After the conclusion of the investigation, and a finding has been determined, the Director of Public Safety will advise the complainant as soon as practical of the outcome.

Please know that Ohio laws provide for penalties to those persons who are found guilty of knowingly providing false information to a law enforcement agency or official of that agency. The following sections of the Ohio Revised Code apply: 

  • Section 2917.32(A)(3) No person shall report to any law enforcement agency an alleged offense or other incident within its concern, knowing that such offense did not occur. 
  • Section 2921.13(A) No person shall knowingly make a false statement, or knowingly swear or affirm the truth of a false statement previously made when any of the following apply.
    • The statement is made with the purpose of misleading a public official in performing his function. 
  • Section 2921.15(B) No person shall knowingly file a complaint against a peace officer that alleges that the peace officer engaged in misconduct in the performance of the officer's duties if the person knows that the allegation is false.

Compliment and Complaint Form