Human Resources

Human Resources Training and Development Program for 2021-22: Inclusive Excellence, Resilience, and the President’s Three R’s

    Human Resources is now offering a new professional development opportunity titled "Inclusive Excellence, Resilience, and the President’s Three R's." This program consists of five sessions:

    • Everyone is a Recruiter
    • Retaining Students to Graduation
    • Creating a Culture of Inclusive Excellence
    • Enhancing our Mission with Relationships
    • Resilience and Change Management 

    The above sessions are scheduled for 90 minutes each (with an additional 30 minutes for Q&A) and are offered both in-person and virtually (both live and via recorded session). Sessions are limited to 30 participants each to facilitate discussion and learning. Prior to attending their first session, each participant will be asked to view a video that will outline Dr. Edwards' vision of the Three R’s.

    Session Descriptions

    • Everyone is a Recruiter: What can we all do to support the recruitment of students? In this session, you will learn from our Recruitment team about student demographics and current university recruitment techniques. You will leave with insights on how you, as an individual, can assist in the recruitment of students to Wright State University. 
    • Retaining Students to Graduation: How do we each have a role in the retention of students? In this session, our Student Success team will share the obstacles our students face and what we can all do to help them succeed and graduate. Case studies and discussions will help you recognize the opportunities to retain students during their time at Wright State University. 
    • Creating a Culture of Inclusive Excellence: What strategies can we use to increase inclusive excellence? In this session, you will hear from the Vice President for Inclusive Excellence Matthew Chaney. He will share his experiences and strategies for cultivating a culture of inclusive excellence and his concepts for increasing inclusive excellence at Wright State University.
    • Enhancing our Mission with Relationships: How are relationships key to our future? In this session, you will deepen your understanding of effective techniques to build sustainable relationships. You will also hear from some of our community partners and members of the Student Government to better understand how Wright State University relationships impact Raider Country.
    • Resilience and Change Management: In this session, you will learn about tools and techniques to enhance your resilience in these continuing times of uncertainty and change. You will also learn how to manage change, both up and down your leadership structure, as the university remodels itself for the students of the future.


    Session Videos (log in required) are available to view for faculty and staff only. Log in with your campus "w" username and password. You may have to use two-factor authentication to complete your login.