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Wright State University is tied to a history of exceptional ingenuity and courage thanks to our namesakes, the Wright brothers.

Orville and Wilbur Wright were not pilots. They were not aviators. They were bicycle shop operators. They were self-trained engineers, mathematicians, physicists, and philosophers. They were raised to ask questions, inspired to think beyond the known, and encouraged to dream. Through their passion and undeterred efforts, and without the extravagant support afforded to others seeking a similar feat, they taught the world to balance in thin air, perfecting their flying techniques in a field near Wright State.

Inspired by the pioneering spirit of the Wright brothers, Wright State intentionally creates pathways to success for its students through diverse educational opportunities. By offering exceptional programs at an exceptional value, Wright State puts quality education within reach. We meet students where they are, then join them on a journey to where they want to go.

If two bicycle shop owners can solve one of mankind's biggest challenges, then we, too, can achieve anything. We are not afraid to try new things, and, just as importantly, we're not afraid to fail. This determination, this grit, this fearlessness, this desire for forward progress—it's all part of the Wright State brand. More than a name, logo, or color, our brand is a feeling…a promise…a belief. A brand is the message we present and exhibit, within our walls and to the outside world.

Our brand is everything we say and do, and how we say and do it.

Read through the Wright State University Brandbook and guidelines to understand how to successfully use the official logos, wordmarks, colors, etc. Please contact the Office of Marketing if you have any questions about proper usage of these assets, or have a special request for any subsidiary logos.

Why Our Brand Matters

In 2013, the university leadership began an effort to establish a brand that could represent the many strengths of Wright State University and carry it into the next 50 years. This resulting guide represents a great step forward in the quality and unity of our communications.

Historically, colleges and universities could simply build solid academic and research programs and inform their constituents of them. In the increasingly competitive higher education marketplace, this is no longer the case. More than that, Wright State's very mission insists that we make bold statements about our intent, and then back that up with values-driven action. This is the essence of a strong brand. Wright State’s commitment to, and communication about its mission must be purposeful and relentless in order to effect the greatest impact on students and the communities we serve.

Everyone reading this guide has a unique perspective on Wright State based upon their own experiences. We are as diverse a university as it is possible to be. We value that diversity as a core strength. The brand, in contrast, is designed to be unifying. Imagine each of us as a chorus of unique voices, but singing from a single score and the power that represents.

When we work together and consistently follow the elements outlined in this guide, we are able to convey Wright State’s story in a way that reinforces who we are, shapes how others perceive us, and creates leverage in the marketplace. This is branding.

Contact and Support

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Please contact us with any questions, comments, or issues you may have. In a timely manner, we can provide you with helpful information, logo files in a variety of formats, and solutions to branding problems you may encounter.

Please consult this website for the most current information on Wright State's branding guidelines, policies, and best practices. 

Brandbook website

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