Performance Evaluation Forms

Wright State University uses two key documents in the annual performance evaluation process: the Self-Appraisal Form and the Formal Performance Evaluation Form. These two forms were designed for different reasons and are intended to accomplish different purposes. For example, they differ based on:

  • The intended author of the form content
  • The location of where the final form is filed
  • The discussion of job duties versus position purpose
  • The amount of information reviewed that is outside the employee’s control
  • The timeframe covered by the forward-looking information contained on the form

For a deeper understanding of these differences and to better utilize the two distinct forms, please see the Guidebook for the Wright State University Performance Evaluation Process. The forms are substantially similar to the ones used in recent years. Please note that to make the forms easier to use electronically, several sections of each document are unprotected. Please be careful not to inadvertently alter the text in those sections.

Additionally, please note that it may be easier to ‘mouse click’ into your intended sections in the forms than to use the ‘tab’ feature. Furthermore, please note that any ‘check boxes’ have to have an actual “x” placed in them. In order to make the overall form more user friendly, the check box ‘form field’ was not able to be used.

*An alternative, simplified form has been approved and can be found HERE. The timeline for submission of the alternative form is the same as for the forms above.