Sexual Harassment Awareness

62% of organizations offer training, 97% have policies, brown bag conversations are held, articles printed, and cases settled, however, sexual harassment is a problem that continues to be pervasive in the workplace today.  With 40-80% of working women and 10-15% of men experiencing sexual harassment in their lifetimes, sexual harassment is not only harmful, but costly.  This interactive workshop is designed to help the WSU employee increase awareness of sexual harassment is and discover the following:

  • understand the definition of sexual harassment
  • discuss the facts of sexual harassment
  • identify the behaviors that constitute sexual harassment
  • become familiar with legal issues surrounding sexual harassment
  • determine what you can do to help prevent sexual harassment
  • learn the potential impact of sexual harassment to the victim, individuals, and the university
  •  become familiar with the university’s sexual harassment policy and know the reporting steps

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