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About ProofPoint SecureShare

ProofPoint SecureShare is a secure file-sharing application that allows you to securely share files with other people, both inside and outside of the university. The files are stored for a temporary amount of time (typically 30 days), and are then deleted from the system. Files are encrypted both while in storage on the system and during transfer.

Important Notes

  • If you have not used Wright State's previous secure file storage service, Filelocker, you will need to request a SecureShare account by clicking on the request button below.
  • Do NOT include any sensitive, private, or confidential information in the ‘Subject’ or ‘Message’ fields of your Share. Only the uploaded file being transmitted between users will be encrypted.
  • SecureShare should not be used as a permanent storage solution; files will automatically expire and delete after up to 30 days.
  • SecureShare should only be used for sharing files that contain confidential data. For standard file sharing services, individuals should use Microsoft OneDrive. More information on OneDrive can be found on the OneDrive for Business website.
  • An email message will be generated from and sent to the person with whom you shared the file.
  • You must log in with your campus "w" username and password.
  • If you are suspicious of a file that comes from SecureShare, feel free to contact the Help Desk at 937-775-4827 before downloading it.

Available To

Students, faculty, staff

Getting Started 

Signing In to ProofPoint SecureShare


Enter your Wright State email address and click Continue. You should then be redirected to the Wright State login screen where you can sign in using your Campus 'w' username and password.

Important Note: If you have not previously used Filelocker, Wright State's former secure file sharing service, you will need to request a SecureShare account by submitting the following request:

Usage Instructions

Accessing Files


Log in to with your Campus username and password.


On the homepage, files that you have shared/have been shared with you will appear in the lefthand sidebar. To view a file, click on the file name.

Uploading and Sharing a File


Log in to with your Campus username and password.


On the homepage, click on 'Create Share' in the top left-hand corner.


Enter the details for your share, including:

  • the email address of the person with whom you are sharing the file
  • the subject/name of the file
  • the expiration date (between 1 - 30 days)
  • the file you are sharing
  • a custom message for the person with whom you are sharing the file (optional)


Once you have entered all of the details of your share, click 'Done' to share the file. The person you are sharing the file with will receive an email from letting them know you have shared a file with them via SecureShare.

Accessing a File as an External User

Important Note: If you are sharing a file with someone outside of Wright State, they will be required to set up an account using a personal email address. Once the file has been shared with them, they will receive an email from ProofPoint which will walk them through this process before they are able to access the file. 

Requesting a File from an External User

Follow the steps below if you need to request a sensitive file from someone outside of Wright State. This process will create a 'folder' in Secureshare that both you and the person you share it with can drop files into and view simultaneously.

Important Note: If you need to request files from multiple users, you may need to create individual 'folders' in SecureShare for each user. Anyone that has access to a folder in SecureShare will be able to view any documents uploaded to it, which may lead to security concerns if the files contain sensitive information.


Log in to with your Campus username and password.


On the homepage, click on 'Create Share' in the top left-hand corner.


Enter the information for the following fields:

  • 'Participants': email address of the external user
  • 'Subject': what you want the folder to be named
  • 'Share Type': make sure this is set to 'Conversation Mode'; this will allow the external user to upload documents to the folder
  • 'Files': you do not need to upload any files in order to create and share a folder with another user
  • 'Message' (optional): if needed, add a note about the file you are requesting the other user to upload or any other information you want to share with them

Once you've entered in the above information, click 'Done'. An email will be sent to the address entered in the 'Participants' field letting the person know you have created a folder for them to upload their file to. To access the folder, they will be prompted to create a free SecureShare account (see the Requesting a File from an External User section above).