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About Panopto

Panopto is Wright State's new academic media management system that records content shown in a classroom, such as a PowerPoint presentation, along with the instructor's audio from the class session. Instructors can also record videos of themselves teaching the lecture. Panopto recordings are meant to be used as supplemental instruction for a student to view after a classroom session. Panopto is available to all students, but can only be viewed through a Pilot course that has the Panopto functionality turned on.

Available To


Getting Started

To access Panopto, your instructor must first turn on the Panopto functionality in your Pilot course and make their content available to you. Your instructor should tell you if they've done this. If your instructor has turned on Panopto, follow the steps below to access your class content:


Log in to Pilot with your Campus username and password


Click on the course name that has Panopto content

There are several ways your instructor can upload Panopto content into Pilot. Check with your instructor to determine the best way to access your course content. 

Usage Instructions

How to Use the Panopto Player

Further instructions on the features available to you and how to use them is available through Panopto Support. This website will teach you everything you need to know about Panopto. 

Note: Although the help documentation at this link corresponds to what you will see while using Panopto, you  may see slight differences in the look and feel of Wright State's version of Panopto.

How to Upload Videos to Panopto

Panopto can also be used for sharing video projects assigned by your instructor. If your instructor has enabled an Assignment folder, you will be able to upload your video files to the appropriate class Assignment folder. If you do not have software to record a video or presentation, you may also find information about the free Panopto Recorder on their support page for both Windows and Mac operating systems.