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About Phone and Voicemail Services

The Telecommunications Services office is responsible for planning, developing, implementing, and administering voice, data, wireless communication, security cameras, and access control solutions for Wright State University. We provide and service all departmental telephones and voicemail, including the emergency and courtesy phones found around campus. Telephone and network cabling services are also provided and serviced for the resident student halls.

The department is also responsible for the monthly telephone bills for all Wright State departments and resident students’ semester communication fees. Telecommunications Services houses the main system for incoming calls to the university. These calls are routed by the campus automated attendant system to the requested departments and individuals. If you have a question about phones or voicemail, please contact the CaTS Help Desk at 937-775-4827.

Available To

Residential students, faculty, staff

Getting Started

On-Campus Phone Information

On-Campus Phone Information (PDF)

Campus offices can be reached from off-campus locations by dialing 937-775 and then the extension number.


  • Local Calls: dial 9-area code-desired number (i.e. 9-937-xxx-xxxx)
  • Long Distance Calls: dial 9-1-area code-desired number (i.e. 9-1-513-xxx-xxxx)
  • International Calls: dial 9-0-1-1-country code-city code-desired number
  • Campus Calls: dial the four-digit number listed in the directory
  • Campus Automated Operator: dial 0
  • Outside information: dial 9-1-area code-xxx-xxxx
  • Outside Operator: dial 9-0-0 (Century Link)
  • Using a Calling Card: dial 9-1-800-xxx-xxxx
  • Ohio Relay Service: 9-1-800-xxx-xxxx

Campus Police

  • Emergency: 911
  • Dispatch Office: x2111
  • Public Safety Office: x2056

To request new Telephone Service or to request changes in current service, please call Kim Tusing at x4100, or email

For administrative billing questions or cell phone issues, call the CaTS Help Desk at x4827 or email

Usage Instructions

Call Forwarding

  • Turn On Call Forwarding: Dial *5 and enter the extension you want to forward calls to.
  • Turn Off Call Forwarding: Dial *6 and hang up.

Unified Messaging

One benefit our system provides voicemail subscribers is the opportunity to participate in Unified Messaging (UM). With UM, subscribers can receive new voicemail messages in the form of an audio file (.wav) attachment to their Wright State email address. There is no charge to set up Unified Messaging for your campus line.

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