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PrintWright—Network and Wireless Printing

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About PrintWright

PrintWright is a pay-for-print service provided for students and guests of Wright State who are using public workstations and laptops running Microsoft Windows or Macintosh OS X operating systems.

Available To

Students, guests

Getting Started

Please note: laptops must be able to connect to a wireless network, and users must connect to one of the Wright State wireless signals in order to use the PrintWright system. Also, users must have a Wright1 Card with money deposited in the Raider Cash account to purchase their printed documents. 

Wright State lab computers already have the WSU_STUDENT_SECURE queue available. To install the queue on your personal device, go to

Usage Instructions

PrintWright enabled printers accepting RaiderCash are listed below.  All devices are capable of B&W Printing and Copying ($0.06 per sheet) and Color Copying and Printing ($0.15 per sheet) as well as Scan to Email (no cost).

Dayton Campus PrintWright Printers


Room/Floor Location
Allyn Hall Room 255 Classroom
Creative Arts 2nd Floor Co-Lab 2
Dunbar Library Basement Across from the Help Desk
Dunbar Library 1st Floor Group Study Room
Dunbar Library 2nd Floor Educational Resource Center
Dunbar Library 2nd Floor Information Commons
Dunbar Library 3rd Floor Book Stacks
Dunbar Library Room 328 Quiet Study Rooms
Dunbar Library 4th Floor Archives
Hamilton Hall 1st Floor Lobby
Honors Community Room 350 Honors Classrooms
Math & Micro Room 170 Classroom
Math & Micro Room 270 Classrooms
Millett Hall Basement Hallway
Millett Hall Basement Hallway
Millett Hall 1st Floor Lounge
Millett Hall Room 303 Classroom
Millett Hall Room 403 Classroom
Oelman Hall 2nd Floor Hallway
Rike Hall Room 064 Computer Lab
Rike Hall 1st Floor Lobby
Rike Hall 2nd Floor Lounge
Russ Center 1st Floor Computer Labs
Russ Center 2nd Floor Hallway
Russ Center Room 243 Computer Lab
Russ Center 3rd Floor Hallway
Russ Center Room 333 Computer Lab
Russ Center 4th Floor Hallway
Student Union Cyber Café Computer Lab
Student Union Room 023 Lounge
Student Union Room 190  Lounge
Success Center Ground Floor Hallway
Success Center 1st Floor Tutoring Center
Success Center 2nd Floor Hallway
University Hall Room 009 Nursing Lab
White Hall 1st Floor Hallway
White Hall 2nd Floor Hallway

Lake Campus PrintWright Printers

Building Room/Floor Location
Andrews Hall 197 Library
Dwyer Hall 177 Hallway
Dwyer Hall 219 Hallway
Trenary Lab 100A Hallway