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About Server Registration

All servers placed on the Wright State network must be processed through the CaTS Server Registration workflow. Servers containing sensitive or protected data need to be located in the CaTS computer room where they can be protected by placing them into the proper security zone, as well as providing the required physical security. Servers with sensitive or protected data located in other university departments will not be connected to the network without a special exemption from the CIO of Computing and Telecommunications Services. Anyone who wants this exemption will need to write a letter of justification as to why the server cannot be located in the CaTS computer room and demonstrating that required physical security measures will be met.

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Getting Started

Use the links below to learn how to register a new or existing server on the Wright State network. You can also read information about what happens after you submit your server registration form, and how CaTS will follow up concerning the registration. If you have any questions concerning server registration, please contact the Help Desk.

New Server Registration

Before beginning the server registration process, please review the following information:

Your next step is to fill out the Server Registration Form. This form will require information supplied by the department or college as well as the application vendor. A meeting with CaTS representatives may be necessary prior to completion of the Server Registration form.

What information do I need to provide on the Server Registration form? (PDF)

The process for new server registration is as follows:


Review CaTS Server Support (PDF) if you would like CaTS to help manage your server.


Existing Server Registration

Submit an Edit Existing Server Registration request if you have already registered your server with CaTS but need to make changes.

Server Review

Once you have submitted the registration form, your registration will be reviewed. If you have requested Internet access to a web server, for instance, the IP address of the server will be allowed access from the Internet. If the server contains protected or sensitive data, you will be contacted by CaTS to review your server configuration and processes for compliance. The primary focus of the review is appropriate protection for data and access control. CaTS assumes that the responsible administrators and support personnel identified in the server registration will plan and implement security recommendations in a reasonable timeframe.

Ongoing Follow-Up

Internet attacks and hacking incidents will continue to increase and the University will alter and adjust the university security strategy accordingly.