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WSU E-mail Service Changes

This message is being sent to you because your account has been identified as one which is still accessing "mail.wright.edu" for outgoing e-mail. This could be due to e-mail client settings which have not been updated to use the new RaiderMail service, including settings on mobile or tablet type devices.

Please note that beginning September 12, Wright State University students who have been migrated to the new RaiderMail system will no longer have access to send outgoing e-mail using Wright State's old e-mail services. Students will continue to have access to their old messages through the "mail.wright.edu" and "webmail.wright.edu" websites until these services are no longer available.

For information on updating your e-mail client settings, please refer to the “Setup Instructions” section of the RaiderMail Help and Documentation website. This page includes settings for Windows, Macintosh, and Mobile device e-mail clients. In particular, you must update the client settings for the "Outgoing" or "SMTP Server" settings to use the new RaiderMail system.

RaiderMail Help and Documentation website:

If you feel there is an ongoing need to continue using the old e-mail services for submitting outgoing e-mail, please contact the CaTS Help Desk at helpdesk@wright.edu or by calling (937) 775-4827.