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University RaiderMail Update-November 9, 2012

Over the past few months, CaTS has been in the process of migrating all university email clients to the new RaiderMail Email system (which is built on Microsoft's Live@edu service). All student accounts have been successfully migrated and all faculty and staff accounts will be migrated by the end of the 2012 calendar year. To date the new services have received very positive feedback from the university community in regards to the improved web interface, messaging/calendaring functionality, email storage space, mobile device support and a number of other new features.

With the adoption of any new enterprise wide service it is safe to assume there will be some minor issues integrating the new services into the university environment. CaTS is making every attempt to identify and quickly resolve issues related to the new RaiderMail services. You can assist with this process by contacting the CaTS Help Desk and reporting any problems that you may encounter with the new services.

As documented in the initial RaiderMail welcome email we are continuing to ask clients to periodically check their new "Junk Email" folder for any messages which may be misclassified as spam. CaTS is continuing work to resolve any problems related to the misclassification of messages. This feature can be disabled through the RaiderMail Online web interface (available via the Email/Calendar icon in WINGS) by clicking on “Options…See All Options…Block or Allow”, then selecting the option for “Don’t move e-mail to my Junk Folder”. Note: if you are using the Outlook desktop client you will still need to check for messages in your Junk Email folder.

For clients who forward their RaiderMail to external email accounts such as Gmail or Yahoo!, and who also send email messages via RaiderMail, please refer to the following link for known issues with this configuration.


CaTS is continuing to work towards making RaiderMail a very successful service and would like to thank those who have provided feedback on the new services.

To report any outstanding problems, or if you would like to request additional information, please contact the CaTS Help Desk at (937) 775-4827 or send an email to helpdesk@wright.edu.