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University RaiderMail Update

In the wake of the ongoing RaiderMail transition, some faculty and staff have reported situations where emails have not been delivered but no “undeliverable” or “bounce” notice has been returned to the sender. CaTS is trying to identify and investigate all such reports. In the meantime, we need to make sure that all emails, especially student emails to faculty and vice versa, are being followed up on. Here are some suggestions.

- If a student claims to have sent an email you did not receive, he or she should be able to provide evidence by showing you the sent mail record. At this time, emails all appear to be properly recorded in the sent mail folder even if they are “undeliverable” or “bounced”.

- Encourage students to send delivery and read confirmation when they send their work to a faculty member. The faculty would then just have to acknowledge the read receipt.

If you are forwarding your RaiderMail to another email provider (e.g. Gmail) and you are using that provider as your primary email account, make sure that your “From” address is that of the provider (e.g. john.smith@gmail.com). If you attempt to use your "@wright.edu" address as your "From" address with the external provider you will not receive non-delivery reports or bounce messages since the provider will discard them. Additionally, attempting to use a "@wright.edu" address with an external provider may increase the chances that your message will be classified as spam to other external domains.

Finally, help CaTS understand what may be going on by reporting all instances where emails may have been lost. If anything like this has happened to you, please contact the CaTS Help Desk at x4827.