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Turn Off the Conversation View

In both Outlook Web App and the Outlook email program, conversation view is the complete chain of email messages from the first message through all responses. This has also been referred to as a thread. Some our our clients have called the Help Desk to tell us they have missing messages. Usually, this is because Conversation View is turned on, which groups all replies to a message together. If you don't like the conversation view, you can turn it off so that all messages are displayed separately. Here's how to do so for Outlook Web App , Outlook 2010, and Outlook 2011.

Outlook Web App (OWA)

1.After logging in to Outlook Web App, look for the View drop-down menu, located just above the list of your emails.
2.Click View, then look for the Group by Conversations section.
3.Uncheck the option for Use Conversations. This will disable conversation view for the folder you are currently viewing.
4.You must perform these steps for each email folder you have.

Outlook 2010

1.Open Outlook 2010.
2.Click the View tab.
3.In the Conversations subgroup, uncheck the box for Show as Conversations.
4.Choose whether to turn it off for all folders, or just the folder that you are currently using.

Outlook 2011

1.Open Outlook 2011.
2.Click Organize.
3.Click on the Conversation icon. This button is a toggle, so clicking it once will DISABLE conversations since they are enabled by default