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Student Evaluations: Fall 2022

If you are teaching a course for Fall 2022, you should have received an email(s) from Evaluation Kit listing all the courses that will be evaluated, the evaluation type, and the number of students.

The dates the evaluations will be open is listed in the email. Please review instructions on how to verify your evaluations here: Video help on confirming your course evaluation.

If you are teaching Fall 2022 and:

  1. You did not receive an email(s)
  2. Not all your courses were listed
  3. The evaluation type is inaccurate
  4. The number of students is not correct;

Please contact the CaTS Help Desk at 937-775-4827, or as soon as possible. A ticket will need to be logged with CaTS to resolve any issues, as the information is taken directly from the Banner system.

Please note the following reasons why a course may not be listed:

  1. If the enrollment was less than three students, the course will not be listed or evaluated through this process.
  2. If the course was less than 16 days, it will not be listed or evaluated through this process.
  3. If the course is cross listed, only the “main” course name will be listed. (The “main” course name should be listed.)
  4. If the course ends later in the semester, you will receive a communication four weeks before the end date of that course.
  5. If the course happens later in the semester, the evaluations will go out toward the end of the semester. 

Results cannot be made available until ALL grades for all courses are submitted for the Fall semester. If you have any questions, please contact the CaTS Help Desk at 937-775-4827, or