Reminders for Current and Upcoming CaTS Projects

CaTS would like to remind you of some of the current and upcoming changes we're making to ensure the university's computing environment stays secure and accessible. If you have questions about any of these projects, feel free to contact the Help Desk at (937) 775-4827 or 1-888-775-4827.

1) Active Directory Transition

In the summer of 2010, CaTS began transitioning the university’s file storage and printing network infrastructure from Novell Directory Services to Microsoft Active Directory. Novell is the system on campus that is used to give you access to your personal and departmental files on network drives such as your H:\ and K:\ (also called users and shared on a Mac), as well as access to network printers. Active Directory will provide this same functionality.

This new infrastructure will give CaTS the ability to meet future needs and expectations of our users by providing them with better system functionality and tools to conduct their daily operations.

If you haven’t already, you’ll be hearing more about Active Directory shortly through more email reminders or department demonstrations. If you are invited to attend a departmental demonstration concerning Active Directory, we highly recommend that you attend, as it provides essential information to help make the transition smoother for you. If you would like to learn more, please visit our Active Directory Transition website, located at . You’ll find answers to frequently asked questions concerning this change. As always, feel free to contact the CaTS Help Desk at (937) 775-4827 with any questions.

2) New Email Service for Students

This summer, Wright State University is launching RaiderMail, a brand new student email system with lots of features that students have been asking for. RaiderMail, which is built on the Microsoft Live@edu services, gives students a 10 GB inbox, the ability to collaborate on class and club projects, have remote access to documents, and more. New and existing student email addresses will retain the current format of

Although faculty and staff will not have accounts on RaiderMail, we’d still like you to be aware that you may hear students talking about the new email service, and that any emails you receive from them will come via this new system. Please note, though, that this will not affect your email inbox or change how you communicate through email with your students. If you have any questions concerning the transition to RaiderMail, please contact the CaTS Help Desk at (937) 775-4827.

3) Transition from McAfee Anti-virus to Microsoft Forefront

In early April 2011, CaTS begin phasing out the use of the McAfee Anti-virus software in use on all university Windows-based computers, and began making a transition to Microsoft Forefront Security software. During this transition, all university-owned Windows-based computers will automatically receive the Microsoft Forefront software over the campus network, while the McAfee Anti-virus software will be automatically removed.

For faculty and staff with home computers, CaTS now offers the Windows version of Microsoft Security Essentials software free of charge, which includes anti-virus protection. This software can be downloaded on the CaTS Anti-virus website, located at Anti-virus Software.

Please note: You MUST uninstall any anti-virus software (such as McAfee) that is currently installed on your home computer in order to successfully install the Microsoft Security Essentials software. If you would like assistance with uninstalling anti-virus software from your computer, please contact the CaTS Help Desk at (937) 775-4827, or toll free at 1-888-775-4827.