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RaiderMail Update - Spam Filtering

Wright State University has been successfully using the Proofpoint anti-spam/antivirus software for the past four years. During the transition to RaiderMail we opted to continue using our existing Proofpoint services in addition to the anti-spam filter from Microsoft that is available with RaiderMail.

We are currently evaluating whether we should continue using the Microsoft anti-spam software due to concerns with its configuration options. After all accounts have been migrated to RaiderMail, which should occur before the end of the year, we will make a recommendation regarding the continued use of the Microsoft anti-spam software. Until that decision is made we urge you to monitor your RaiderMail Junk E-Mail folder for misfiled messages. If you would like to turn off the junk e-mail filtering, see the link below. We also recommend that you review the daily End-User Digest email generated from Proofpoint for messages that Proofpoint has marked as spam.

Disable Junk E-Mail Filtering in RaiderMail:

Documentation on Proofpoint can be found at:
Antispam Website

To login to Proofpoint to change settings and view quarantined messages go to: http://antispam.wright.edu/

As a reminder, there is documentation available for RaiderMail at the following website: https://support.wright.edu/raidermail/. Two new sections that you might find useful have been added to this website: “Known Issues” and “Microsoft Notifications”.