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Important Information Concerning Computer Encryption-April 18, 2012

The protection of sensitive data is a concern for the university, so CaTS would like to take this opportunity to remind you of our Full Disk Encryption project that we originally announced in October of last year.

If a university-owned computer is lost or stolen, and if that computer is storing legally protected sensitive data (social security numbers, credit card information, grades, transcripts, etc.), the university may be held liable for this loss. To combat this situation, CaTS has been installing a software program called CheckPoint Full Disk Encryption on university-owned laptops. This software stores data in an unreadable format unless the proper credentials are provided. By using this software, the university can identify which computers have been encrypted and can help avoid potential legal and financial risk.

The Full Disk Encryption software is included with the purchase price of each new HP laptop you buy through Pomeroy. However, the software is not installed until you call the Help Desk to arrange for setup of the new laptop. When a CaTS Desktop Technician is setting up your new laptop, they will ask you if they can install the software. Under certain circumstances, exceptions can be granted. There is an exception form available which allows you to request that the software not be installed. This form is available at Forms Website.

For the following types of laptops, there is a $25 charge for installation of the encryption software. To have the software installed on these systems, please call the Help Desk at (937) 775-4827.

1) University-owned Windows laptop (any brand) that was purchased before 10/1/11
2) All Macintosh laptops
3) All new laptops not purchased through Pomeroy

For more information about the encryption process, see the CaTS PC Encryption website, located at Encryption Website. You can also call the Help Desk at (937) 775-4827.