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ComDoc Printer Transition Update

Over the last few months, CaTS has been working on the transition in our print vendor from Xerox to ComDoc.  At this time, the physical transition is complete and all devices have been replaced with brand-new devices.  

CaTS would like to thank all of those from each department who assisted by sharing their needs in the many collaborative discussions we held.  With this help and the extensive historical usage data, Wright State was able to achieve new efficiencies by consolidating and redeploying, while still ensuring we effectively meet the needs of all users.  If you have any concerns about the transition that took place in your area, please contact CaTS to discuss.

We’d also like to share some of the enhancements that we were able to provide through this process.

PrintWright (Student Printing)

  • Jobs are now sent to a single Secure Print queue.  
  • Only the user who sent the job can access and release the job.
  • Users will install one printer on their personal device and can access jobs on any RaiderCash enabled device (list) on campus.
  • Users can log on with their username and password on the touchscreen if they do not have their card.
  • All devices are color-capable.
  • All devices offer copying functionality (at the same costs as printing).
  • All devices offer Scan to Email (FREE).

Faculty/Staff Printing

  • Secure Print jobs can be released at any device on campus including RaiderCash enabled devices in Labs and Hallways (with the option to charge FOAP or Personal RaiderCash).
  • All devices are color-capable.
  • More devices offer copying and Scan to Email functionality.
  • The color printing confirmation has been removed.  Please note that there is still an increased cost to the University for color printing and print color only when appropriate.
  • The supplies delivery procedure has been adjusted to achieve more reliable and consistent delivery.
  • Fax Forwarding to Secure R Drive is available on certain devices.  If this is not enabled on your device at this time, please contact CaTS to see if it is possible.

Additional Features Coming Soon

  • Mobile Printing (All Users) - Soon you will be able to send an email on any device from your WSU Email with a docx, doc or pdf attached and the file will be available to Secure Print at any device on campus.
  • Fax from Computer (Faculty/Staff) - Soon you will be able to send a fax directly from your computer without needing to print the document or go to the device.

If you need to install a specific printer or Secure Print on your WSU or personal computer, visit for instructions or contact the CaTS HelpDesk.

Finally, we’d like to share that we’ve worked with the vendor to schedule some training/question and answer opportunities.  Please see for details and to sign up for a session. 

As always, if you have any questions or concerns with printers or copiers, please contact the CaTS Help Desk at 937-775-4827, or email for assistance.