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CaTS News for Students: January 2012

*Passwords Now Case Sensitive*

As a result of the recent transition from Novell Directory Services to Microsoft Active Directory, the password for your campus “w” account is now case sensitive. For instance, if you capitalize a letter in your password when changing it, you must remember to always capitalize that letter when typing in your password.

*Passwords on Mobile Devices*

Please remember to change your stored password on your mobile device after you change your password. If you don’t do this, the mobile device will continue trying to use your old password, and could cause a lockout on your account. If you have questions or need assistance with passwords, please contact the Help Desk at (937) 775-4827.

*Access to Your Files*

Do you store files on your personal campus H:\ drive, or do you use the My Documents folder in on-campus labs to store your files? If so, CaTS has an important announcement for you. Computers in CaTS Labs no longer use your campus H:\ drive as the default location to save your files. Previously, when you chose to save a file, that file was automatically saved to your H:\ drive unless you chose another storage option. Now, the default save location will be the lab computer’s hard drive. If choose this location to save your files, they will be automatically deleted once that computer is restarted.

***To make sure you don’t lose your files, you should always save them to another storage device, such as a flash drive, external hard drive, or your SkyDrive (available through RaiderMail).***

Also keep in mind that beginning March 1, 2012, access to your campus H:\ drive will no longer be available. If you have any files stored on this drive, you will need to copy them to another device or location, such as a flash drive or external hard drive. But you may also want to try out Skydrive, Microsoft’s online cloud storage solution.

As a WSU student, you get your own 25 GB SkyDrive after you sign up for RaiderMail, WSU’s new email service for students. To learn more about using SkyDrive and to get help on how to move your files from your campus H:\ drive to SkyDrive, please visit the following website: http://www.wright.edu/cats/raidermail/skydrive/ .

If you have any questions concerning this change, please contact the CaTS Help Desk at (937) 775-4827 or 1-888-775-4827. To learn more about the RaiderMail service, please visit http://www.wright.edu/cats/raidermail/.