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CaTS News for Spring Semester 2013

Here are some items CaTS would like you to know about. If you have questions about anything mentioned here, please contact the CaTS Help Desk at (937)775-4827, or toll free at 1-888-775-4827.

*Windows 8 Information*

As you may know, Microsoft recently introduced Windows 8, the newest version of the Windows operating system. CaTS, in conjunction with departmental tech coordinators, has been evaluating Windows 8 for compatibility with key applications and systems. At this time, there are no plans to install Windows 8 on university-owned computers in the near future.

Windows 8 is likely to introduce compatibility issues with important academic and administrative applications. The heavily redesigned user interface has also come under criticism from the industry and may prove difficult for many users to adapt to. CaTS has historically held off support for a major new OS version until the release of the first service pack and used that 6-9 month period for testing and evaluation. Windows 7 has now been widely adopted on campus and there are few compelling reasons to embark on upgrades.

If you have purchased a new computer for personal (not university) use that has Windows 8 installed, CaTS will offer our support, but cannot guarantee that we can resolve any issues with Windows 8.

*RaiderMail Calendar Information*

As was previously announced, Wright State University will be adopting the RaiderMail Calendar on February 1, 2013, as the new enterprise calendar. To help make your transition to the new calendar easier, CaTS has compiled a list of known issues that you may come across when using the RaiderMail calendar. The RaiderMail Known Issues website (linked below) contains information on these issues, along with resolutions (if any), and the current status of the issue. CaTS encourages you to report any issues you may come across when using the RaiderMail Calendar.

Known Issues website: