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CaTS Classroom News for Faculty-February 1, 2013

Below are some of the projects CaTS is working on to enhance the classroom environment. If you have questions or comments about any of these projects, feel free to contact the Help Desk at (937) 775-4827 or 1-888-775-4827. You can also send an email to helpdesk@wright.edu.

1) Classroom Features and Photos

CaTS and the Registrar recently enhanced the Classroom Features and Photos website. This website gives you information about all Registrar-scheduled classrooms, including equipment information and seating details, such as capacity and room layout. You’ll also find a picture of the instructor station and a panoramic video of the room. You can use this resource when deciding upon your room preferences for the Registrar or to see the layout of the room you are scheduled to teach in. This can be found at the following location, designed for faculty and advisors:


Please note: You must still contact the Office of the Registrar to schedule your classrooms or make any classroom assignment changes.

2) Emergency Signs

Please be aware of the new Emergency Signs located near the phone in campus classrooms. This is valuable information to know if an emergency happens in or near your classroom. The signs state that the fastest way to get a medical or police response is to dial x2111 from the classroom phone or 775-2111 from a cell phone. All signs should be in place by February 15.

3) VHS Capability in Classrooms

Please be advised that there are some electronic classrooms that no longer have the capability of playing VHS media. In the future, VHS players will not be replaced as classrooms are upgraded or when the VHS units become defective. A Blu-Ray DVD player will be installed in these rooms. Please check out your classroom equipment ahead of time to prevent any possible conflicts.

4) VHS Conversion Carts

Classroom Technology Support (CTS) now has 2 VHS Conversion Carts available for checkout. If you would like to begin converting your VHS media to digital, please call CTS at x3162 or stop by 017 Dunbar Library to reserve this equipment. CaTS encourages faculty and staff to begin transferring their VHS media to digital as soon as possible.

5) Teaching Station Signage to be Consolidated

In an attempt to reduce the clutter of instructional signage on or near the teaching stations in the electronic classrooms, CaTS will be installing Wall Mounted Reference Guides in the electronic classrooms. We will be doing this on a trial basis during the spring semester only in Millett Hall. If the guides are well received, we will begin placing them in all electronic classrooms. These guides will consolidate the existing signage into one easy-to-use location, mounted on the wall adjacent to the teaching station. To help make the rooms more instructor-focused, CaTS would appreciate any feedback you can give us regarding the use of these guides. Please send your feedback to helpdesk@wright.edu.