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Move-in Dates

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  • Sign up for a Move-In time slot
  • Log in to WINGS Express and go to Housing Services under the Student & Financial Aid Tab

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What to Do Before You Move-In

When to Arrive

We are excited to welcome you to on-campus housing! Each year, we begin placing residents into their fall assignments in early June. When your assignment is ready to be viewed, you will be notified through your Wright State email account. You can view your housing assignment by logging into the Housing Portal through WINGS Express.

In an effort to reduce traffic congestion and wait times on the move-in day, we limit the number of move-ins per time slot. As soon as you receive your housing assignment, you will be able to reserve your move-in time slot through your Housing Portal.  

Move-in Dates

  • Wednesday, August 21 (Residence Halls)
  • Thursday, August 22 (Residence Halls)
  • Saturday, August 24 (Apartments)

We understand that some residents may prefer to move in early to campus housing. We offer early move-in on Saturday, August 17th. All residents approved to move in early will be billed an early arrival fee to your bursar account. Please complete the Early Arrival Request form to request an early arrival. This form is available through your Housing Portal. Requests will be individually reviewed for approval.   

Directions, Where to Park, and Check-In

We have several buildings and communities on campus. To facilitate a smooth check-in process, please make sure to check your housing assignment and know which community and building you will be moving into.

All residents should plan to enter campus by turning onto University Blvd from Colonel Glenn Hwy. 

After turning onto University Blvd, the following communities should turn left to enter Lot 4, then navigate to the check-in line for your respective building:

  • The Woods, which includes Boston Hall, Cedar Hall, Hawthorn Hall, Hickory Hall, Jacob Hall, Laurel Hall, Maple Hall, Oak Hall & Pine Hall
  • Honors Community
  • College Park
  • University Park
  • Forest Lane, which includes Aspen, Palms, Sequoia & Sycamore
  • The Village

Hamilton Hall residents should turn right to park near Hamilton Hall and then proceed to the Hamilton check-in tent.


    What to Bring and What Not to Bring

    What to Bring

    • Shower curtain
    • Towels, extra-long twin-size sheets (mattress size 36"x80")
    • A mattress pad or cover, pillows, and comforter/bedspread
    • Rugs, bath mat 
    • Desk lamp, power strip
    • Television, computer, charging cords, 2nd Gen (or above) Roku for streaming
    • Wastebasket, trash bags, hangers, hamper, laundry soap
    • Plunger
    • Toiletries (shampoo, soap, razor, toilet paper, etc.)
    • Seasonal clothing, umbrella
    • Cleaning supplies, sweeper or broom, dish soap, paper towels, toilet paper (toilet paper supplied in Hamilton Hall)
    • Cooking utensils/can-opener
    • School supplies, paper, pens, markers, stapler, post-it notes, printer, extra ink
    • Plates, cups, silverware, Ziploc bags
    • Lockbox
    • Electric grill, toaster, waffle maker, crock pot, coffee maker 
    • Appliances from the approved appliance list (below)
    • Health insurance card

    What Not to Bring

    • Pets (the only pets allowed are fish, 20-gallon tank maximum)
    • Portable or full-size personal washers, dryers, or dishwashers
    • Devices with exposed elements - see the approved appliance list below.
    • Firearms, ammunition, weapons (i.e. knives, paintball guns, airsoft guns, bows, swords), and things that look like weapons (i.e. nerf guns, cap guns)
    • Fireworks, incense, candles, or any other open-flame device
    • Charcoal and gas grills/stoves
    • Double stick tape, screws, molly bolts, planter anchors, big nails, spikes, and finishing nails cannot be used to hang things on the walls. 
    • Hoverboards
    • Network equipment (wireless access points, routers, and hubs)
    • Bed risers 
    • Hunting gear/equipment

    After Move-In

    Make your Residence Hall Room Feel Like Home

    Ask any parent who has lugged every item their college-bound child owns into a residence hall room and you hear the same responses—why did we bring so much stuff and how can it possibly fit into such a small space? Less is better. It is much easier to return home for missed items than to start your school year with anxiety and worry about taking too much, storing it, or returning it back home.

    Here are a few tips and items that can help you:

    • Stow stuff in plastic containers that go from the car directly for use in the room
    • Clear plastic makes for easy identification of contents
    • Shallow, longer bins are ideal beneath beds
    • Stackable units with pullout drawers double as night tables
    • Large pillows with arms are good for reading
    • Laundry baskets hold dirty clothes much better than the floor
    • Plastic shower caddies are good for keeping your toiletries private

    Advice for Homesickness

    • Call home. Calling and talking to whomever you miss the most will help you feel less homesick.
    • Send emails to your family members at home. This allows you to express your need to let someone know you care. It alleviates some stress about being away from home.
    • Go home once a month for the first five or six months—just overnight or on the weekends. You will slowly notice that nothing much will change while you are away at school, and you may even notice that you feel more at home "away" at Wright State as you make friends and new acquaintances.


    Student accounts must be paid in full, enrolled in a payment plan, or have sufficient financial aid to pay the balance by the payment due date.

    Fall Semester Due Dates
    Registration Date Fees Due Non-Payment Penalty
    Prior to August 16 15-Aug None
    August 16 - September 15 15-Sep $50 Late Payment Fee
    September 16 and after 15th of the following month

    $50 Late Payment Fee

    Students applying for financial aid are responsible for checking to ensure all requirements have been met in order to receive financial aid.  If there is a shortfall between your tuition and fees and your financial aid award, you must pay the balance in full or enroll in a payment plan by the fee payment due date.

    Students receiving third-party assistance must submit the authorization form from their sponsor by the fee payment due date and pay any unpaid charges in full or enroll in a payment plan.

    Important: Make sure your payment is received by the fee payment due date by paying your account charges through WINGS/WINGS Express.

    Visit the Enrollment Services (RaiderConnect) Refunds and Registration Process webpage for more information.


    Please be sure to read our Terms and Conditions 2024-25 (PDF- Pending) for Wright State Campus Housing.

    No-Show Policy

    If you do not check in to your unit within the first two (2) weeks, then

    1. if you are not registered for any classes, you will forfeit your prepayment and your room fees will be prorated through the end of that two-week period, or
    2. if you are registered for any classes at the end of that two-week period, then your failure to check-in will not affect your obligations under these Terms: the Unit will continue to be available to you, and you will be billed the regular room fees.

    If your plans to live in housing at Wright State University have changed, we want to help. Please contact us at 937-775-4172 or email Let us know that you wish to be released from your housing agreement and the reason(s) why. We will assist you in supplying the necessary paperwork to request to be released.

    Registration Policy

    If you are NOT registered for classes, you will not be permitted to move into your Fall 2024 campus housing assignment. 

    If you have not yet picked up keys for Fall:
    Your housing assignment will be canceled prior to move-in day, your prepayment will be forfeited, and a registration hold will be placed on your account. Should you choose to enroll at Wright State University during the 2024-2025 academic year, you will be financially obligated to your housing contract.

    If you are currently living on campus:
    You will not be permitted to reside in campus housing beyond the end of the summer semester. You must move out and return the keys by 8 p.m. on Saturday, July 29.

    Forest Lane Residents

    Return your keys to the Community Center (under the water tower on campus).

    College Park, University Park & The Village residents
    Return your keys at The Hub (next to The Village apartments)

    Approved Appliance List

    Appliance Residence Halls Apartments
    Air Fryer Allowed (Max 1500 watts) Allowed (Max 1500 watts)
    Belgian waffle maker Allowed Allowed
    Bread maker Allowed Allowed
    Buffet server* Allowed Allowed
    Clothing iron Allowed Allowed
    Coffee maker Allowed Allowed
    Cotton candy maker Allowed Allowed
    Crockpot Allowed Allowed
    Curling iron Allowed Allowed
    Deep fryer Not allowed Allowed
    Electric crepe maker Allowed Allowed
    Electric griddle Allowed Allowed
    Electric kettle Allowed Allowed
    Espresso machine Allowed Allowed
    Fondue pot Not allowed Allowed
    Food dehydrator Allowed Allowed
    Food steamer Allowed Allowed
    Gas or Electric Grills Not Allowed Not Allowed
    Hairdryer Allowed Allowed

    Hot plate

    Not allowed Apartments come equipped with stoves
    Instant Pot Not allowed Not allowed
    NuWave induction burner Not allowed Apartments come equipped with stoves
    Panini press Allowed Allowed
    Personal portable or full-size washers and dryers Not allowed Not allowed
    Personal portable or full-size dishwashers Not allowed Not allowed
    Pizza oven Not allowed Apartments come equipped with stoves
    Refrigerators or freezer University-provided University-provided
    Rice cooker Allowed Allowed
    Roaster oven Allowed Allowed
    Toaster Allowed Allowed
    Toaster oven Not allowed Allowed
    Toaster oven broiler Not allowed Allowed
    Waffle iron Allowed Allowed

    Meeting Your New Roommate(s)

    We strongly suggest you contact your roommate(s) before you arrive at Wright State. There are many things to discuss and coordinate, and living with a new person or group of people in a new place can present challenges. You and your roommates may become friends right away, or it may take some time. Getting a head start on that relationship can make things easier in late August.

    Conversation Starters

    The following are a few conversation starters that are helpful when you contact your new roommate(s):

    About You

    • Hometown and high school
    • Family life
    • Friends at home
    • School activities
    • Wright State major
    • Morning person or night owl
    • Neat or messy
    • Music preferences
    • Movie and TV favorites
    • Willingness to loan things (computers, clothes, car, money)
    • Feelings about overnight guests
    • Particular habits
    • Working during college
    • What are good moods like vs. bad moods
    • What I'm like when I'm feeling down
    • What annoys me
    • What makes me laugh
    • How I like to relax
    • How I handle stress
    • What I'm like when I first meet people

    Once You've Had Time to Chat

    • "An important similarity between us maybe..."
    • "An important difference between us maybe..."
    • "I think we might have to compromise on..."
    • "I look forward to learning more about..."
    • "We should talk more about..."