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Hamilton Hall

photo of a double room in hamilton hall

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Why Choose Hamilton Hall?

Hamilton Hall was the first campus dormitory at Wright State. It features traditional-style, furnished dorms that are co-ed by floor, and includes shared floor bathrooms and individual private shower rooms. You can live alone in a super single, or live with one roommate in a double room. All students are eligible to live in Hamilton Hall and dining plans are required.


Hamilton Hall is the closest to the academic buildings on campus, right next to the Student Union. You will have easy access to the tunnels, the Union Grill, the Fitness Center, and other campus facilities. View Hamilton Hall on the campus map.



  • Engineering theme and interest floors
  • Floor lounges
  • Laundry facilities (free)
  • Vending machines
  • Computer lab and classroom
  • Grills
  • Volleyball court


  • Microwave and refrigerator
  • Utilities included
  • Wireless internet and streaming cable tv service
  • Air conditioning

Note: Student housing includes furniture, but does not include electronics, bedding, kitchen cookware/dishes/utensils, or decorations. Please visit the Wright State Campus Store website to start ordering gear to decorate your place!

Standard Features

  • Resident Assistants (R.A.)—An R.A. is a person who's been trained to assist you, support you, help you with conflicts, and provide educational opportunities and social activities.
  • Community Council—Get involved in planning activities and governance for your community.
  • Social Activities—Many of these are planned so you get to know your fellow community members.

Tours and Photos

Super Single

Unit Options and Floor Plans

All dimensions are approximate and may vary from room to room.

Super Single

hamilton hall super single room floor plan

Students per bedroom: one

  • Room: 11'4" x 17'
  • Front Door Opening: 30”3/4 W x 7' H.
  • Window opening: 49” W x 68” H (Curtains supplied)


hamilton hall double room floor plan

Students per bedroom: two

  • Room: 11'4" x 17'
  • Front Door Opening: 30”3/4 W x 7' H.
  • Window opening: 49” W x 68” H (Curtains supplied)

Double Deluxe

hamilton hall double deluxe room floor plan

Students per bedroom: two

        Dimensions and More Details

        • Automatic door opener at building entrance? Yes   
          • Location: side entrance and front entrance
          • Opener available on request? Yes 
        • Hallway/ security doors? Yes    
        • Passenger elevator? Yes
        • Elevator use permitted by residents? Yes       
        • Room lighting: 1 overhead (51”), 2 wall lights(36”)
        • Furniture in room:
          • 2 Desks w/fixed pedestal  
            • Hasp for bring own padlock    
            • Size of writing surface 48” W 24” D (36” D with expandable desktop) 
            • Lap drawer/Keyboard tray,
            • 3 drawers - Drawer size: 13” W 5” H 19.5” D (2 top drawers)  13” W 8.5” H 19.5” D (bottom file drawer)
            • Type of handles: loop pulls
          • Dimensions of desk leg room area for students in wheel chairs
            • Floor to underside of lap drawer: 24 1/2” H   Lap drawer can be removed - New Height: 28 3/4”
            • Leg area: 30” W  20 ”D 
            • Desk can also be put on risers
            • Floor to underside of lap drawer (on risers): 31” H  Lap drawer can be removed (on risers): 34 ½“ H
            • Can rear support be removed/ moved to increase leg room for disabled residents? Yes, but only by WSU Maintenance Staff. 
          • 2 Wardrobes 
            • 41”W 72”H 24”D
            • Can be locked? yes, bring own cable lock             
            • 3 Short hanging rods: 20”W Rod over 2 shelves: 40” L of hanging space
            • Top rod to floor of wardrobe: 57” H of hanging space (if bottom rod is removed)
            • Bottom rod to floor of wardrobe: 25” H of hanging space
            • 2 Short Shelves: 20” W 8” H 21” D           
            • 1 Top Full Shelf: 40.5” W 6” H 21.5” D
            • Mirror: 12” W 36” L
          • Heights from floor for students in wheel chairs
            • Clothing  Rods: 31” H, and 60” L
            • Shelves: 12” W, and 21” D
          • 2 chest/dressers
            • 3 drawers - Drawer Size: 32.5” W 20.5” L 5.5” H
            • Will it fit under bed? Yes
            • Can you stack them 2 high? No, they have metal footers that will scratch the tops
          • 1 Bed Frame and Mattress
            • Mattress size: 36” W 79” L 6” D
            • Beds can be bunked?  Yes, if the correct parts are supplied by maintenance
            • Does the bed have multiple mattress heights to chose from? Yes  What are they? 10 choices of heights
            • Only the top two positions will allow the chest to be under the bed
            • Height(s) under the bed for storage (height x depth): varies with position of the bed frame
              Hamilton Hall Bed Configuration Heights


              Top of Mattress to Floor

              Clearance bed rail to floor

              Setting 1



              Setting 2



              Setting 3



              Setting 4



              Setting 5



              Setting 6



              Setting 7



              Setting 8



              Setting 9



              Setting 10



        • Appliances provided:
          • Refrigerator: mini (18.5” L x 33” H x 17” D)  - Including microwave: 43" H
          • Microwave (17.5” L x 10” H x 12” D)
        • Bathrooms:
          • Bathroom style: Community bathrooms
          • Showers on all floors (Bathtubs available on 1st West, 3rd West, 1st South, 2nd South, and 4th South)
          • Showers have curtains
          • Roll-in (accessible) shower locations: 1st floor only
          • Accessible sink locations: all floors
          • By gender/floor
          • Bathroom amenities on each floor:     
            • 4 outlets
            • Floor bath and shower rooms
            • Smaller shower (non accessible): 46” W x 34” L x 84” H; room shell: 48” x 79” x 84”
            • Large shower (non accessible): 46.5” W x 34.5” L x 84” H; room shell: 65” W x 80” L x 85 H”
            • Large shower (accessible): 62” W x 34” L x 87 H”; room shell: 60” W x 80” L x 86” H
            • Number or showers: 4
            • Number of sinks: 6 or 8
            • Number of toilets: 5 (2 are accessible on each 1st floor bathroom)
            • Toilet stall with lift: 68” L x 61” W
          • Bathtub available?  Yes
            • How many? 5
            • Which floors? 1st West, 3rd West, 1st South, 2nd South, and 4th South
        • Other information not listed above:
          • All rooms are tile floors
          • 8 outlets per room
          • 2 phone jacks per room
          • 2 network/internet jacks per room
          • Heat/AC are set by computer, resident can alter the temperature +/- 3 degrees and can run fan year round

        Costs and Agreements

        The Wright Guarantee Tuition Program guarantees the same annual cost of tuition, on-campus housing, and dining over a four-year college career for new incoming, in-state, degree-seeking undergraduate students. You will pay the exact same rate for tuition, housing, and dining during your four years at Wright State.

        View current housing rates.

        The standard agreement is two semesters (academic year).

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