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Residence Life and Housing


Explore the various housing options available to you virtually. Tour our housing options and learn about the services available to you if you live on campus.


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Rebekah Wyse

When I transferred to Wright State, I wanted to live in the dorms to be closer to campus.

Lauren Onianwa

I chose to live on campus in order to gain a sense of community and belonging.

Nico Comendador

I will be honest, when I first came to live on campus, I expected it to be filled with a few activities.  I was wrong, there were activit

Hayden Mankin

The biggest reason I chose to live on campus was because I'm not from the Dayton area, I wanted the chance to experience the city and cam

Nate Mack

I chose to live on campus so that I could be close to all the campus resources and to be able to meet people.

Ben Hollinger

Living on campus has provided me a great chance to meet people, and get connected with the community here at Wright State.

Chance McNelly

When I was making my college decision I chose to live on campus because I wanted to get the full college experience but I had no idea how

Brant Bandow

I love living on campus because of the people. I’ve lived in the apartments and the dorms and had great experiences with both.


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Friday, July 23, 2021, 9 am to 12:30 pm
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