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Internet, TV, and Phone Services

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Internet Service

Students are provided wireless internet in their apartment or residence hall. Network equipment, such as wireless access points, routers, and hubs, are not permitted. Learn more about the Wright State wireless network.

Campus Housing Wired Connectivity

Students living on campus should use the wireless networks (WSU-Secure, WSU_EZ_Connect, or Student-Wireless) to access the internet.

Wired connections can only be activated, upon request, in the following buildings: College Park 2150, Forest Lane, Hamilton Hall, Honors West, Jacob Hall, and University Park 2080, and Village 2030. If you live in one of these buildings and prefer a wired connection in your room, please submit the Network Port Activation Form and describe your need in as much detail as possible.

Cable TV Services

Wright State University provides high definition digital cable television to all residents as part of your communication fee that you charged to your Wright State accounts. The majority of the channels are in HD, but a few of the channels are still delivered in standard definition.

  • There is ONE cable outlet per room.
    • For Sycamore, Sequoia, and Palms in Forest Lane, the outlet is in the living room.
  • We recommend you discuss TV use and ownership with your roommate(s) prior to arrival. You will need to provide a coaxial cable to connect your television.
  • No premium channels (HBO, Cinemax, etc) are available

Channel Lineup

Channel Service
2-1 WDTN *HD (NBC)
7-1 WHIO *HD  (CBS)
7-2 WHIO Me TV
14-1 WPTO *HD (PBS)
16-1 WPTD *HD (PBS)
16-3 WPTD Again
16-4 WPTD Create
16-5 WPTD Ohio
21-105 WSU Channel
22-1 WKEF *HD (ABC)
22-2 WRGT *HD (FOX)
26-1 WBDT *HD (CW)
43-1 SCI
43-2 WKOI (Church Ch)
43-3 WKOI (JCTV)
43-4 WKOI (Enlace USA)
43-5  WKOI (Smile of a Child)
45-2 WRGT (This TV)
101-1 Disney Channel *HD
103-1 Nickelodeon *HD
106-1 Cartoon Network *HD
Channel Service
112-1 ABC Family  *HD
130-1 Discovery  *HD
131-1 TLC *HD
132-1 Science *HD
133-1 Animal Planet *HD
134-1 National Geographic *HD
135-1 History Channel *HD
150-1 HGTV *HD
151-1 Food Network *HD
155-1 Travel Channel *HD
201-1 USA *HD
202-1 TBS *HD
203-1 TNT *HD
204-1 A&E *HD
205-1 FX *HD
207-1 Comedy Channel *HD
208-1 E! *HD
209-1 Bravo *HD
211-1 Lifetime *HD
216-1 BET *HD
220-1 Tru TV  *HD
224-1 SyFy  *HD
Channel Service
225-1 BBC America  *HD
250-1 MTV *HD
277-1 AMC *HD
301-1 ESPN *HD
302-1 ESPN2 *HD
303-1 ESPNU  *HD
304-1 ESPN Classic
305-1 ESPN News  *HD
309-1 Bally Sports *HD (formerly Fox Sports Ohio)
316-1 Golf Channel  *HD
317-1 Fox Sports 1 *HD
323-1 NBC Sports  *HD
346-1 NFL Network  *HD
350-1 CNN *HD
351-1 Headline News *HD
352-1 Fox News *HD
354-1 MSNBC *HD
355-1 CNBC *HD
356-1 Bloomberg
370-1 Weather Channel
803-1 Telmundo

On-Campus Cable Set-up

Please note: All TV manufacturers differ, so menu options, wording, and other items may vary. The best way to complete the channel scan is to refer to the TV owner's manual. If that is unavailable, the following general steps should guide you through the process.

  • Using your television's remote control, press the Menu or Settings option.
    Note: a Smart TV may have a smart button that must be used to access the settings menu. It will generally have the manufacturer's logo on it.
  • Locate Channels or Tuner Set Up option.
  • Check the menu for an option of Antenna Type or Connection Type followed by either Antenna or Cable.
  • Make sure that the designated setting is Cable (based on the manufacturer, alternate choices may include Digital Cable, CATV or Cable STD)
  • From the menu, choose Digital Channel Search (based on the manufacturer, alternate choices may include Channel Scan, Channel Search, or Auto program.)
  • Allow the TV to complete the search. You will see a bar listing how many channels have been found. The process may take up to 45 minutes.
  • You probably will see a progress bar that shows the number of channels found. A scan can take as long as 45 minutes depending upon the TV set, so please be patient
  • Once complete, confirm the menu prompt, then press an exit or quit option.
  • When finished, the TV will have found all of the available channels as well as disposed of those no longer available
  • The TV set will then remember the new channel lineup from this point forward

Movie Streaming

Residence Life Cinema provides you with on-demand movies streamed to your television on campus. With a constantly-updated list of titles including many new releases, movie nights are available in the comfort of your own dorm or apartment. Begin streaming movies now by using

Telephone Service

  • Campus offices can be reached from off-campus by dialing the prefix 775 and then the extension number
  • Local calls: dial 9, then the desired number
  • Long-distance calls: can only be made using a calling card
  • International calls: can only be made using a calling card
  • Campus calls: dial the 4-digit number listed in the directory
  • Campus Operator: dial 0
  • Ohio Relay Service: 9-1-800-750-0750


  • Telephone Problems: 937-775-4200
  • Student Telecom Issues: 937-775-4200
    •  For student telephone billing questions, 937-775-4200