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News and Updates from CaTS

1) Removal of Modem Banks

Due to decreased usage, the campus dial-in modem pool will be shut down on August 31, 2010. Use has fallen substantially in the last several years and the equipment has exceeded its expected life.

2) WINGS Redesign Coming April 17

The new and improved WINGS is on its way! Along with a fresh look and streamlined content, the redesigned WINGS will offer many exciting new features including:

- Single sign-on to WINGS Express
- Streamlined campus communications
- New tab for First Year Students
- Better organized content
- and much more!

Watch the University Message Board channel on the Home tab for more information in the coming weeks on the new and improved WINGS.

3) Office 2010 Coming Soon for Windows

Microsoft will be releasing a new version of Office later this summer, featuring updated versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and other popular applications. A beta version of Office 2010 has been available for several months and has been in testing by CaTS, the Libraries and several other departments on campus.

Office 2010 features a somewhat redesigned interface, but should be very familiar to current Office 2007 users. File formats are the same, so there should be no difficulty exchanging documents between Office 2010 and 2007. Training will be offered starting fall quarter.

CaTS is working with the Faculty Senate IT Sub-Committee on the implementation of Office 2010. We anticipate it being available on campus this fall and will be installed across all CaTS managed labs, computer teaching classrooms and electronic classrooms for winter quarter. If the release is delayed beyond mid-summer, campus availability may be pushed back.

Faculty using Office for instructional purposes should prepare to use the new version at that time.

4) Windows 7 Support Plan

CaTS will be supporting Windows 7 on new PCs starting this summer. On or around July 1st, recommended HP PCs will ship with Windows 7 as the default, though Windows XP can be requested at the time of installation. The university will be standardizing Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit edition in order to maximize system performance and support memory configurations of 4 GB and greater.

CaTS and campus technology coordinators have been evaluating Windows 7 since late last year. Current versions of the most popular campus applications are now compatible with Windows 7; however some applications still require Windows XP. A list of tested applications and compatibility issues is available at

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