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Calendar Permissions: Letting Others See Your Calendar

If you would like others to see your calendar, CaTS recommends that you set permissions for those users instead of using the "Share Your Calendar" option available in Outlook and Outlook Web App (OWA). Using the "Share Your Calendar" feature will cause unexpected permissions changes to any that you have already set.

To learn more about the proper way to set permissions, along with a description of permission levels, see the Microsoft Outlook 2010 Calendar Permissions website for Outlook 2010 on Windows. For Outlook 2011 on the Mac, see the Microsoft Outlook 2011 Calendar Permissions website.

Best Practices for Calendar Permissions

After setting calendar permissions for someone to view your calendar, you should always let them know via email or phone that you have set those permissions for them. That person will then need to open your calendar using the instructions outlined on the following pages:
Viewing Another User's Calendar in Outlook 2010 for Windows
Viewing Another User's Calendar in Outlook 2011 for Macintosh