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Residence Life and Housing

Community College Partners/Wright Path Student Housing

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Why Join the Wright Path?

Begin your studies at a community college, then complete your bachelor’s degree at Wright State. We have partnered with five area community colleges to provide a program where you will receive support from both schools, ensuring a seamless transition.

  • You may qualify for automatic Wright State transfer scholarships of up to $3,500 per year.
  • Take courses in your academic pathway that apply directly to your bachelor’s degree program.
  • A designated academic advisor will assist you on both campuses.
  • Take advantage of on-campus support services, resources, student organizations, and activities at Wright State before you are admitted to a degree program here.
  • No additional cost—just sign up!

Choose the Wright Path option that works for you:

  • Easy Transfer to Wright State: Our academic transfer pathway provides you with an easy transfer to a bachelor's degree program at Wright State. Courses at your community college will apply to a Wright State degree.
  • Live Here, Study There: Live in Wright State campus housing while taking classes at your community college.
  • Easy Transfer plus Campus Housing: Take advantage of the academic transfer pathway and Wright State campus housing.

You can select one or both programs or change your selection at any point after consulting with your academic advisor and financial aid office at your community college.

Apply to Live at Wright State

  • Enroll in classes at any of the partner community colleges. See enrollment, application, and academic advising contacts for each college.
  • Meet with financial aid on your community college campus to understand your available housing funds. If your financial aid will not cover Wright State housing, you may still apply for Wright State housing and pay Wright State directly.
  • Apply for housing at Wright State.
  • To be eligible for Wright State housing, you must be in good financial, academic, and judicial standing at your partner community college and Wright State.

Residence Hall Costs

Campus Community Room Type

Room Rate

Per Month Rate
(Does not include
dining or
parking permit)
Hamilton Hall Double $2,958 $739.50
Triple $2,651 $662.75
Honors Community Double $3,260 $815.00
The Woods Single* $3,544 $886.00
Double $3,104 $776.00
Triple $2,886 $721.50

*limited availability for single rooms as they are the most popular.

Apartments Costs

Campus Community Room Type Semester Room Rate Per Month Rate
(Does not include
dining or
parking permit)
College Park Apartments Quad $3,351 $837.75
Forest Lane Apartments Quad $3,102 $775.50
Studio $3,865 $966.25
Small two bedroom $4,031 $1007.75
Large two bedroom $4,524 $1,131
University Park Apartments Quad $3,351 $837.75