Accreditation & Assessment

2023 Higher Learning Commission (HLC) Focused Visit Evidence File

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Organizational Context

Materials Reviewed

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HLC Criterion 4.B.

The institution engages in ongoing assessment of student learning as part of its commitment to the educational outcomes of its students.

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  1. Academic Program Review
  2. Program Effectiveness Review
  3. Academic Program Review
  4. Action Steps to Improve Academic Program Review and Institutional Effectiveness
  5. Disclosures Regarding Annual Assessment
  6. Disclosures Regarding Core Assessment (General Education)
  7. Disclosures Regarding Program Learning Objectives and Program Learning Outcomes/Course Catalog
  8. Disclosures Regarding Course Learning Objectives and Course Learning Outcomes
  9. Additional Information


The institution has effective processes for assessment of student learning and for achievement of learning goals in academic and co-curricular offerings.


The institution uses the information gained from assessment to improve student learning.


The institution’s processes and methodologies to assess student learning reflect good practice, including the substantial participation of faculty, instructional and other relevant staff members.

HLC Criterion 5.C.

The institution engages in systematic and integrated planning and improvement.

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  1. Evidence that a strategic planning process has been restarted, or that the draft strategic plan has been implemented
  2. Timeline for the strategic planning process
  3. Disclosures about disruptions to the Strategic Planning Process
  4. Action Steps for implementing the strategic plan
  5. Evidence and analysis of what Wright State University has been using to guide its decision making in the absence of a formal strategic plan.
  6. Disclosures about engaging in systematic planning without a formal strategic plan
  7. Action steps to implement institutional plans to systematically improve its operations and student outcomes.

5.C Action Steps