Core Oversight Committee


The Committee shall ensure the integrity of the Wright State Core and oversee all assessment activities related to the Wright State Core and shall report to the Faculty Senate at least once per year.  The Committee shall have the responsibility for the following:

  • Taking part in regular assessment of all courses within the Wright State Core, including Wright Core courses tagged with Integrated Writing, Multicultural Competence and Service Learning attributes to ensure the learning goals and objectives associated with the course attributes are satisfied.
  • Recommending modifications to courses with the General Education, Integrated Writing, Multicultural Competence or Service Learning attributes that fail to measure learning goals and objectives associated with the course's attribute(s) or removal of the course's attributes to the UCC, UAPC, or the Faculty Senate itself as appropriate.
  • Communicating regularly with the University Assurance of Learning Committee


One (1) faculty representative from each degree-granting undergraduate college, including the Lake Campus. Colleges may name an alternate faculty representative who has voting privileges when the regular member is absent. The Program Director or designated faculty representative associated with any Faculty Senate-approved course attribute, the University Provost or designee the CTL Faculty Director or faculty-ranked designee, and one (1) undergraduate student representative (selected by Student Government) will serve as ex-officio, non-voting members. Past chairs of UCRC may be asked to represent the Faculty Senate on the University Assurance of Learning Committee.

Meeting Minutes

CORE courses will be evaluated once every six years to assess whether the course meets CORE learning outcomes. Courses will be grouped by element and follow this schedule:

  • Element 6 – Natural Science, 2018-19
  • Element 2 – Mathematics, 2019-20
  • Element 5 – Social Science, 2021-22** (delayed by one year due to COVID)
  • Element 4 – Arts/Humanities, 2022-23
  • Element 1 – Communication, 2023-24
  • Element 3 – Global Traditions – Interdisciplinary Global Studies, 2024-25

AY-1 Jan - Chairs notified of CORE courses to be evaluated AY-1 April - Chairs submit objectives, methods, timeline
AY-0 Sept-May - Assessment activities over academic year
AY+1 October - Self-assessments due
AY+1 Dec - CORE Oversight Committee recertifies/denies GE status